Priscilla Platinum

I'm Priscilla Platinum and I am made of , well, platinum. I have 78 protons and electrons, and I have 117 neutrons. I have 6 isotopes, and the biggest is 198 and the smallest is 190. All of the platinum that has ever been mined can fit in one living room. I'm pretty rare. I don't react much with other elements, so I am guaranteed a long life. I am hypoallergenic, which makes me good for jewelry, and I'm even used in doctors tools. I was used in Queen Elizabeths coronation crown. The nose cones of missiles are coated with me too.
There are some more important things that I do in the world. I am used in catalytic converters in cars, trucks and busses. I am used in computer hard drives. I am also in LCD lights, spark plugs, turbine blades, and dental fillings. Some even more important things that I am used for is pacemakers. It is the only element that can be used for electrodes in pacemakers. Also, a platinum compound is used in chemotherapy to treat cancer.