Francisco Pizarro

By: Maria Fernanda Rotter


Francisco Pizarro was born in Trujillo, Spain 1476 as an illegitimate child (a child born out of wedlock). When he was very young, he lived in an area that was stroke by poverty. His father was a poor farmer and his mother was from a humble heritage. Even though he wasn´t educated he decided to turn his life around by becoming an explorer. His parents couldn't afford to pay for any kind of education for any of their children. When he grew he inherited his father's pigs. In 1510 he became an explorer and started traveling all around the world.
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  • 1476 ---- Fransisco Pizarro was born
  • 1509-1510 ---- He became an explorer
  • 1513 ---- Pizarro and Nunez de Balboa discovered the Pacific Ocean
  • 1515 ---- He met and started trading with the natives
  • 1520 ---- He helped during the discovery of Costa Rica
  • 1522 ---- Fransisco got his funding for his very 1st Expedition
  • 1528 ---- Found Gold in South America during his 2nd Expedition
  • 1528 ---- Discovered Peru while travelling with Diego de Almagro
  • 1528 ---- After a few expeditions Fransisco returned to Spain.
  • 1530 ---- Fransisco went back to Peru to claim the land for Spain.
  • 1532 ---- Pizarro came upon the Incas who lived in Peru and took hostage their leader as a strategy by asking for ransom for Atahualpa's return.
  • 1532 ---- Pizarro took no chances of Atahualpa's promises for the conquest of their territory and got him assassinated.
  • 1533 ---- Lima became Peru´s capital.
  • 1537 ---- Fransisco and Diego de Almagro fought over control. This fight became a battle form the two sides until Diego de Almagro got captured and executed by pizzaz's brother orders.
  • 1541 ---- Almagro´s men murdered Fransisco in Peru's capital (Lima) because they considered him a greedy, cruel person who's only interest was his own future.

Areas Explored

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Prepare your hearts as a fortress, for there will bend other.

Effects of the Exploration

  • Pizarro's explorations gave us a wider idea of the conquests at that time.
  • He impacted the world by opening a way for Spain to colonise Central and South America.
  • Pizarro's conquests promoted the Christian religion all around the American continent.
  • Fransisco Pizarro discovered gold, silver and other minerals in Peru and stoled huge amounts of them for the Spanish economy.
  • His conquests lead to the destruction many indigenous cultures, starting from the Inca Empire that changed drastically after his colonisation.
  • He improved the Spanish economy.
  • He was one of the persons who brought the Spanish language to America.

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Extra Info (what can we learn)

  • He is one of the most responsable explorers for the expansion of Spanish dominion through the American continent.
  • Pizarro decided to conquer cuba after he was promised to become the governor of any new territory claimed for Spain.
  • The most important thing for the Spanish explorers during the XVI century was power, money and territory.
  • Fransisco Pizarro died at the age of 66.


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