Japanese 1 - Lesson 5

Week of 9/28 - 10/3

Items Due This Week:

The assignments listed below are deliverable items to be submitted by the end of the day they are due.

Tuesday: Lesson 5 Writing Assignment

Wednesday: Lesson 5 Cultural Discussion

Thursday: Lesson 5 Speaking Assignment

Friday: Lesson 5 Quiz

Also due: Attend 2 language coaching sessions this week.

Click Here for the Due Date Calendar

The Due Date Calendar lists all assignments for the course and when they are due. Keep a copy of this calendar somewhere you can see it every day.

Start Module 2, Lesson 5 on Monday

From the left hand toolbar, navigate to Course Modules > Module 2 (Family) > M2. L5. Lesson 5: Someone Else's Family ごかぞく

You will want to visit the following links under Lesson 5:

  • Overview
  • Grammar Notes
  • Vocabulary
  • Video, Audio, Japanese Text, English Translation

Take your time to carefully review the material. I recommend watching the video several times today and pausing after each line to repeat what was previously said aloud so you can practice your pronunciation.

Click Here to Access the *FREE* Peer Tutoring Center

NCVPS offers a FREE peer tutoring center for all students of Japanese 1 to receive some extra help or practice with the course material. Click the button above to access it and log in with your NCVPS ID and password.

Lesson 5 Speaking Assignment

You will need a partner to complete this week's speaking assignment.

Navigate to Course Modules > Module 2 > Lesson 5 > Assignment 5.1: Speaking > Speaking Assignment Partner Sign Up Wiki

Here you will use the Wiki to sign up with a partner for the speaking assignment. Look at the postings of people already looking for partners. If you see someone looking for a partner with nobody in their Partner 2 space, I suggest you sign up to be their partner and connect with them immediately to exchange contact info and coordinate your efforts to do this week's assignment.

If there are no people looking for a partner 2, list yourself as partner 1.

***Be sure to leave your e-mail address in your post so your partner can contact you.***

Having a partner for this assignment is a huge part of your grade for this assignment, so you will need to be proactive about finding a partner. I recommend signing up today with the first available person you can find to work with and contacting that person today to open a line of communication with that person.

You will each submit your own speaking assignment even though you will work in a pair. In one file, you will ask the questions and your partner will answer them. In the other file, your partner will ask the questions and you will answer them.

This project can be done entirely by submitting the files to each over over e-mail. You should not need to do much more than e-mail your partner to submit your assignments.

Lesson 5 Vocabulary Flashcards

Use these flashcards with the lesson 4 vocabulary words to help you learn this week's vocabulary. Click on the audio portion to hear how each word is pronounced.

Hiragana Flashcards RA - N

Click the button above to practice this week's hiragana characters.

Weekend Ninjas!

Sending a shoutout to my weekend ninjas who submitted assignments over the weekend:

Shane D., Amber S., Ariana G., Alexis S., Daniel C., Ethan Y., Winnie W. and Katelyn H.

Great work weekend ninjas and good job improving your overall grade.


Upcoming Culture Cafe:

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To get to the NCVPS Culture Cafe

Click the Culture Cafe link in your left hand navigational toolbar and follow the instructions to enter the Blackboard Collaborate classroom for Culture Cafe. This event is optional and not a required/graded assignment. Hope to see you there!

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