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FUMCR Volume 8

Orr Music Suite & Fleming Rehearsal Hall

So it was such a blessing to be able to FINALLY move into the Orr Music Suite and Fleming Rehearsal Hall after getting to walk past it each Sunday morning. Thank you to David Casteel for the photos for the newsletter.

Choir Room Blessing

O Lord our Lord, How wonderful you are. We are blessed to be in this choir and to be in this place where You, as the Lord of music, will inspire us every time we are here.

We are grateful for the generosity of the Orrs for the music suite and the anonymous donor of this Fleming Rehearsal Hall. We are also grateful for those whose vision, design, and craft have created this room with grace, beauty, and function where we can see the director, hear each other, and make awesome music.

We pray your blessings on every part of this room that this may be a place of gathering, sharing, and creating music that reaches the heavens and moves each of us and all who will hear it.

May this be a place where our voices sing and our instruments play with the spirit of faith, love, grace, and joy.

May our times of rehearsing here truly be times of learning, practicing, and perfecting the inspired lyrics and notes.

We pray your blessings on this room and we pray that our times in this room will bless all who enter.


--Terry Parsons
May 1, 2016
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Choir Banquet Sign Ups!!

While many of you signed up last Wednesday, we still have a lot of spots to happily fill up and share. The sign up sheets will be circulated again on Wednesday, as will the money envelope to pay for your event entry!

This is going to be an amazing event! You do NOT want to miss it and you can get tickets for friends and family so they can see the crazy for themselves... I mean the awesomeness that is chancel choir!

Currently we have 84 spots taken. So that means we have 70 spots still open!

See Below for the details...

Chancel Choir Spring Banquet

Wednesday, May 18th, 6:30-9:30pm

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Richardson, Richardson, TX, United States

Richardson, TX

Join us for the Chancel Choir Spring Banquet!! This year we will be renting out an entire theater at the Alamo Draft House! There is a bonus this year..... you get to bring EVERYONE!!! (Well we have about 154 seats that we need to you friends and family!!!)

The Alamo Drafthouse has put together a special "best of Alamo" menu to ensure that our experience there is great. Anything you order there is delicious, but if they're calling it their best... well, wow.


Movie - Young at Heart

Program - Recognition and New Council will be introduced

Cost - $12.00 per person

Location - 100 S. Central Expressway

Richardson, Texas 75080

(SW corner Beltline & Central Expressway

Alamo Draft House Website

Alamo Draft House - Richardson Website

Choir Officer Elections

As promised, here are the job descriptions and duties of the Choir Council. If you know someone who would be good in one of these positions you need to nominate them for the position!


Choir Council

Choir Council is open to all members of the Chancel Choir. The Choir Council acts in an advisory role to the Chancel Choir Director and conducts business relating to the social and non-Church related activities of the Chancel Choir. The Choir Council officers and representatives have the following terms, duties and responsibilities.

Terms and Election to Membership

Officer - President

Term (years) - One

Responsibilities - The President has the responsibility of overseeing all Choir Council activities. The President schedules, plans and conducts the meetings of the Choir Council. At rehearsals, the President is in charge of announcements. The President presides over Choir Council elections.

Election Comments - Except for a vacancy in the President-Elect, not an elected position. If there is a vacancy in the position of President-Elect, the President is elected or appointed by the remaining members of the Choir Council. Otherwise, the position of President is filled by the person who previously held the position of President-Elect.


Officer - President-Elect

Term (years) - Two

The President-Elect serves as President in the absence of the President. Duties include planning the Spring Banquet and conducting such other activities as the President may from time to time delegate.

Election Comments - Elected by choir members at large and serves for two years, the first year as President-Elect and the second year as President.


Officer - Secretary

Term (years) - One

Responsibilities - The Secretary records and maintains the minutes of the meetings of the Choir Council, helps maintain the Chancel Choir membership roster, and assists with general correspondence relating to the business of the Choir Council.

Election Comments - Elected by choir members at large.


Officer - Chaplain

Term (years) - One

Responsibilities - The Chaplain conducts prayers at the meetings of the Choir Council and, from time to time in coordination with the Chancel Choir Director, provides devotionals and prayers at rehearsals of the Chancel Choir. In the absence of the President and President-Elect, or as otherwise delegated to the Chaplain by the President or President-Elect, the Chaplain conducts the Joys and Concern portion of the announcements at rehearsals.

Election Comments - Elected by choir members at large


Officer - Member Care Chair

Term (years) - One

Responsibilities - The Member Care Chair is responsible for the general concern for and care ministry to Chancel Choir members, including coordinating with the Chaplain and Section Shepherds to identify joys and concerns relating to the members. The Member Care Chair is responsible for sending illness, sympathy and other similar card to members.

Election Comments - Elected by choir members at large


Officer - Social Chair

Term (years) - One

Responsibilities - The Social Chair is in charge of planning and coordinating social events of the Chancel Choir, including “goodie nights”, birthday announcements and social activities at retreats.

Election Comments - Elected by choir members at large


Officer - Media Chair

Term (years) - One

Responsibilities - The Media Chair is responsible for publicizing events of the Chancel Choir and Choir Council. The Media Chair acts as the Chancel Choir historian.

Election Comments - Elected by choir members at large


Officer - Newsletter Editor

Term (years) - One

Responsibilities - The Newsletter Editor is responsible for the publication and distribution of the Chancel Choir Newsletter. The Newsletter Editor coordinates with the Choir Director, the Secretary, the Media Chair and other members of the Choir Council to gather and distribute announcements, news and joys & concerns relating to the business and members of the Chancel Choir and Choir Council.

Election Comments - Elected by choir members at large


Officer - Lead Shepherd

Term (years) - One

Responsibilities - The Lead Shepherd is responsible for following up with the Section Shepherds regarding any illness, joy and/or any situations which has caused a choir member to miss consecutive unannounced absences, and communicate this information to the Choir Director.

Election Comments - Elected by choir members at large


Officer - Section Shepherds

Term (years) - Two

Responsibilities - There are two Section Shepherds for each voice section of the Chancel Choir (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass). Shepherds minister to and help maintain membership within each Section of the Chancel Choir. They contact and offer assistance and concern to Section members who have consecutive multiple unannounced absences, and communicate joys and concerns to the Choir Director, Lead Shepherd, Member Care Chair, Chaplain and others, as appropriate in furthering the general concern and welfare within their Sections.

Election Comments - Elected by choir members of their own Sections.


2015-2016 Inspirational Award

Have you been inspired by someone in the Choir? Who has lifted your heart, been a great friend, pushed you to great heights? IT IS TIME!

The Inspiration Award will be announced at the Spring Choir Banquet, but to be able to do that we need you vote! How do you vote you say??? That is easy! Your vote must be given to Mike!

You just need to write down their name (or a very close description!) and a statement as to why this person is deserving of the award!

Prayer Requests

Current Week -

Rev. Jimmy Mobley fell at his home and has passed away. Please pray for Mary Francis and the family

Jesse’s grandmother who had a stroke is improving and has returned home! (Joys!)

Kathy Stuart's mom's service: Monday, May 9 at 4:00 in the Chapel

Previous Week -

Diane and Frank Robertson are grieving the death of their son-in-law. Diane’s daughter passed away a couple of weeks ago unexpectedly while caring for him. They will be back on Sunday to sing in choir with us. Praying for comfort and peace.

Beth Beathard had a scary event with her heart that may be a one-time thing. She is rejoicing in this news! Her doctor will keep a close watch on her, though. Thanks for all the prayers!

Connie McSpadden’s sister’s cancer has returned. Prayers for healing.

Please send Joys & Concerns to

Use “Choir News” in subject line

Pray Request Form - FUMCR

This form is to submit prayers to the church, and not to the choir!

Chichster Performance Info

From Mike:

Hello Choir!

This Saturday, after three months of rehearsing, we will finally have the opportunity to present "Chichester Psalms." I am excited to experience this with you and know that it will be wonderful. Here is your schedule for Saturday:

· Chichester final rehearsal:

o This Saturday, May 7 @ 9:30 am

o Gather your music from the music suite, then go to your place in the sanctuary loft

o Yes, we will use black folders

· Chichester performance:

o This Saturday, May 7

o 7:00 pm - be in your place in the Fleming Rehearsal Hall for warmup

o 7:25 pm - file into the sanctuary for the first half of concert

§ As Bradley is introducing the final piece of the first half, we will go back to Orr Music Suite to robe and get into our places in the rehearsal loft

§ We will focus for a moment, then will file into the sanctuary for the performance

· Billy Brothers, Daniel Burdette, and Greg Graves will remain in sanctuary to move instruments into place for Chichester

· When Chichester ends they will move organ back to center stage

· Reception following concert

o Immediately following the concert, we have invited the audience to come by the new music suite for a reception. UMW is taking care of the reception, so we don't have to worry over that.

Upcoming Anthems

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Choir Funny...Yes Mike as a Cat...

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Shot from the Loft - May 1st

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