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6 Hour GT Update

Please complete the following activities to receive credit for the 6 hour update.

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How to Login to Google Classroom

Task #1

Questions about GT in the district:

Please post in Google Classroom at least one question you have about the district's gifted and talented testing, differentiation, or enrichment program.

Task #2

Teach Like a Pirate
Please watch the video "Teach Like A Pirate." In this video it talks about finding your "CREW." On Twitter your crew is referred to as your PLN (Professional Learning Network). Find and follow these three people: @TXGifted, @nagcgifted, @byrdseedgifted

Then find and follow five people that support your subject, ideas, and innovation in the classroom. After you have followed these five people, please post their twitter username in a post in Google Classroom.


Common Characteristics of Gifted Individuals

Click Here for common characteristics.

Post in Google Classroom about one characteristic that you feel is the most difficult to recognize, and why.

Task #4

Find a quote about differentiation and post it on Twitter. In your post, restate what the quote means to you. Remember you only have 140 characters. You must add Task #4 & hashtag #DSISDGT in the Tweet. We have added an example below. Happy Tweeting!
Big image

Task #5

Watch these three videos:

After watching these two videos, tweet using #DSISDGT or post in Google Classroom about both of the videos. Post about an ah-ha moment, something you want to elaborate on, or how you will expand on these ideas in the classroom.
Why gifted may not be what you think: Michelle Barmazel at TEDxHGSE
What happens when Classrooms meet Higher Order Thinking | Dylan Hyman | TEDxAmsterdamED

Task #6 - The Curse of Knowledge

After reading about The Curse of Knowledge, please take some time to reflect on how you can use formative assessment and empathy to ally against this curse. Post in Google Classroom how you will try to over come The Curse of Knowledge.

Task #7

There are many ways to engage students and get them talking to each other about their thoughts and ideas. Through riddles you can encourage inductive reasoning, critical thinking and collaboration.

Review these three brain teasers, post in Google Classroom how you could implement them into your lessons next year.

Task #8

Create a YouTube Playlist that contains riddles, brain teasers, logic puzzles, TED Talks, and items that encourage students to exercise their thinking.

Please watch the video below if you need to know how to create a YouTube playlist.

You must add at least 5 videos that you will share with your students next year. After you create this playlist, you must share the link to your playlist in a post in Google Classroom.

YouTube Playlist 2016- How To Make/Create A YouTube Playlist 2016

Task #9

Please review the following document:

Differentiating Instruction for Gifted Learners

After reading the article “Differentiating Instruction for Gifted Learners,” think about your biggest take away. Now, offer advice to a teaching peer who is struggling with differentiating in his/her classroom, and post your suggestions on Google Classroom.

Task #10

Ian Byrdseed provides fabulous resources about differentiation for Gifted students. Please read this section on differentiated instruction:

Please take the following quiz on Four Ways To Differentiate

Post on Twitter what Differentiation means to you. Please make sure you add "Task #10 & #DSISDGT"

Task #11

Ian Byrd has developed a tool that makes differentiating student objectives easy. Byrd has based “The Differentiator” on Bloom’s Taxonomy, Kaplan and Gould’s Depth and Complexity, and David Chung’s product menu and combined them in one easy to use tool that will give you a variety of ideas to help you differentiate thinking skill, content, resources, products and groups.

Take an objective that has been posted in the Google Classroom and use “The Differentiator” to update the objective. Or, post an original objective that you use in your content area and use tool to differentiate for gifted students in your classroom. Make sure to post the original objective and the modified objective in Google Classroom.

Task #12

Watch video:

Please Tweet about your favorite example of differentiation from this video, you must add the hashtag #dsisdGT & Task #12

Task #13

Asynchronous Development

Please read this short article and then post your response in Google Classroom to this comment: When thinking about education and asynchronous development in GT students, why is the “one size fits all” model not a successful approach.

Task #14

In Google Classroom, post a take away from the article.

Task #15

Multiple Intellengencies

Please make sure to take the Multiple Intelligences Self Assessment. Then post on Google Classroom about your results and how it influences your learning/teaching.

Task #16

Differentiation with Social Media Tools

Read the following article:

Look over this resource list and save a copy to your google drive.

In google classroom, post a thread discussing at least 3 social media tools you currently use in your classroom.

Then, choose 2 new tools you are willing to try out this year. Post to google classroom, or tweet, about what you will try and how you will implement it. If you tweet, make sure to use the #dsisdGT tag.