By Sophia Sload

Cause and Description of Pathogen

The pathogen that causes this is a virus. It is similar to the virus that causes the flu and colds. Sometimes it can also be bacterial. There are many cause of this disease. One is smoking cigarette. Another is air pollution like dust and toxic gases. These could be outside or inside. Sometimes it is just the spread of the virus or bacteria.

How It Spreads?

This only spreads if it is bacteria or because of a virus. This is contagious to many people. It is not contagious if you receive it from smoking or air pollution. It spreads very easily and can be transmitted through coughing, sneezing, and more. The virus can survive 24 hours outside the body.


There are many symptoms of this disease. One is a cough that might be chronic or dry. You may also have a runny nose. You might have sleeping difficulty, headache, shortness of breathe, fatigue, and more.


There are several ways to prevent bronchitis, either from a pathogen or from air pollution. To prevent the virus/bacteria you can get vaccinated with the flu shot. The pathogen is very similar to the influenza virus. You can also avoid the viral infection by washing your hands frequently. To prevent the other type of bronchitis you can avoid cigarette smoke and air pollution.


Bronchitis is usually self-treatable. Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen, and Dextromethorphan are medicines that are often used as a self-treatment. Some people also make the lifestyle change of quitting smoking. One positive thing about bronchitis is that it is usually self-healing.