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Why Greening Your Business Makes $ence

Energize Your Business and Save $$$

Developing holistic approaches in Business Sustainability:

Businesses and organizations do not have to own an organic market or manufacture Eco-friendly products in order for them to be a green company. They simply need to be interested in being a sustainable, creating a healthier working environment, not wasting resources, and adopting green businesses practices. Every office could use a an Sustainable Green Strategy that will be more or than talking about relevant changes, which will be a lot more than recycling containers and changing light bulbs. Doing it the right way will impress and excite and inspire loyalty within companies and clients. "Greening Your Business Makes $ence."

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Who's Presenting :

James McGarry--Policy Director, Maryland Climate Coalition

Kevin Young-ICFI-Empower Maryland Rebate & Incentive Program

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Learn how to earn Free Energy!

Good for the environment
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Green Your Business Makes $ence

Friday, March 11th, 6pm