The Titans curse

by, Rick Riordan

A Manticore

A manticore is the thing that attacked and captured Annebeth. His human name is Dr. Thorne. He can turn into a monster that is suposed to look like a lion. He can throw thorns out of his tail.

The Hunters

They're immortal girls that do not except boys into their lives. They are girls that can shoot bows better than any other person.

How The Titans Curse Ends

After Bianica dies saving the others from the metal giants, they head back to their camp and face another problem. The Titan army was taking over the hill in San Francisco and they had to go and stop them. The general of the Titans army was comanding them. When they got to the hill they saw Annebeth who was captured and the Artimas godass of the Hunters. They begin a fight and theyreach the hill. Annebeth was tied up and Artimas was under the spell of carring the weight of the sky. they mannge to free her and put the general under that spell. they get back to camp and fing that Bianica's brother Nico ran away.