The Reasons for Migration

Ifu Ibekwe 7 Caussey

Religious Persecution

In Syria Christians are migrating to other countries to avoid being beheaded, raped, and murdered by Syrian government for being Christian. They are also forced to practice in private areas, and in their homes. These Christians are migrating to England and the United States, where there is freedom of religion.

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Ethnic Persecution

In the United States, Arabs are migrating to United Kingdom and Southeast Asia to avoid racial discrimination due to 9/11. Since 9/11 Arabs and Muslims have been harassed, insulted, and looked at as terrorist. Many of Arabs have been killed and tortured from the stereotype as them being terrorists.

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Environmental Factors

In Pakistan, people and their families are migrating to southeast India due to the earthquake that hit Pakistan, causing destruction to their economy, housing, and families. More than 350 people were left dead, and 100,000 left injured and homeless.

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Economic Motives

In India, families and farmers are migrating to the United States for jobs, agriculture, and health care. Many farmers and workers need employment and income to support their families. Even though the United States' economy isn't the best, it is getting better and it has many benefits including the good healthcare, which they are trying to make more affordable for Americans.
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Political Factors

In Nigeria, citizens are fleeing to England and united states because of government corruption. The government abuses the money they get from oil and share it among themselves, leaving thousands of Nigerians in poverty. The system also has a high rate of bribery in schools, banks, and the government.

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Forced Migration

In Niger 150,000 Diffa Arabs are being deported to south east Chad Africa. The Niger government forcefully rounded up Diffa Arabs and Muslims in preparation for deportation. 100's of Diffa Arabs tried to flee, we're caught and were quickly deported.
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