In a Revolution

Greece (Hellenic Republic)

Greece is a European country with mountainous, prairie, and coastal regions. Greece was once a powerhouse long ago, but is now reduced to a powerless, poor country. Greece has many resources to trade such as olives and wine, cloth and fabric. The capital city is Athens, and over 2,000 islands surround the mainland; only 166 are habitable, one of them being Crete.

The problem?

The citizens of Greece are living with poverty and crime, but the government refuses to do anything about it. people have lost hope, they cant even rely on their own government. The government is also in a very large debt crisis. There is lots of unemployment, and large groups of protesters flood the streets.

The Solution!

We will gather a large mob of citizens and attack the government building, forcing the government to surrender, then we will kick them out of their position and have the UN in power until we can hold an election for a new government. I will also increase the rate in which they export resources, therefore increasing both jobs and money.