Travel China

By: Bryce Klein

The Great Wall

The Great Wall, built in 206 B.C, is located 44 miles away from Beijing. Come visit the miraculous wall that stretches out for 5,000.3 miles. You should visit here because the wall is a great piece of history and if you didn't visit it you would be missing out on a great adventure.

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Nine Villages Valley

Looking for a more scenic attraction? Well then this is the place for you. This valley covers 280 square miles of Tibetan villages, snow-capped mountains, beautiful blue lakes, which are said to be the broken silvers of the Tibetan goddess Semo's mirror, waterfalls, and lots of wildlife. You should visit here because it's just so beautiful.

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Grand Buddha

Carved into red sandstone, the giant 230 ft Buddha stands facing the Min, Dadu, and Qingyi rivers. The Grand Buddha was built by the monk Haitong in 713 A.D. He wanted it as a safeguard for the passing boats on the rivers. You should visit here because this really is a must see. You will be blown away because of how big this Buddha actually is!

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