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Stand By Me Presentation from Lunn & Dennis

Are you concerned about what your kids are doing online? It's important to know what is out there by having a basic knowledge of the tools they are using. It's important to have a positive online reputation and digital presence. Lets create good digital citizens together.
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Digital Footprint

Your digital footprint and social presence needs to be a positive one. Remember this is your digital resume.
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Snapchat essentially turns photos into an instant message. It has gone viral since messages sent self-destruct in 1-10 secs. To explain Snapchat Stories, effectively it's your YouTube story for the day but goes away after 24 hrs. Heaviest users of this app are 13-23 yr olds.

How To Video by TheVerge:


Instagram is an online photo sharing & social networking service enabling users to take pictures, apply filters, and share them on many social networking sites, such as Facebook or Twitter. is a social Q&A site. Users invite questions from other members of the site and can be received anonymously. This site in many schools is used primarily for cyberbullying.


Free texting app used by outside of your texting plan so untraceable through wireless provider. Kik also allows you to talk to random people. It allows users to share photos, links, sketches and other content. Kik requires users to be a registered user. This content this app produces is questionable. The reviews in the app store should put red flags up instantly for parents. You can block from App store based on content.


Twitter is an online social networking & microblogging site. It allows users to send and read messages of up to 140 characters long including links & photos, know as Tweets.

Most important thing to remember: "Think before you Tweet"


This is a social networking site to share personal info, promote a business, and for educational new sharing. Facebook has users from every age group 13 and up but since 2014 it's used more extensively with the over 25+ adults.

Look Up....

This video is a must watch. It reminds us to put "the" distraction down every once and a while so life doesn't pass us by. This video should be a required watch for all children growing up in this technological generation.
Look Up