My Most Memorable Day

Six Flags Trip

On my most memorable day, my friend Alex showed up in his car with his Dad. When we were in the car I asked, “Where are we going?”. My most memorable day was a very long drive. We pulled up to Six Flags. “When are we going in?” They said, “We are going in now”. This was the first time ever that I went to six flags. It was my most memorable day because of what I saw, what I heard and what I felt like. Ever since that day I wanted to go back every single day that I could but I finally got over it. It was a very very fun experience for me and everyone else because we went on one of the days with the least population in six flags history.

I saw all the rollercoasters, all the games that you could never win at. One of the games that I saw was “the claw”. We all know that there is like no chance at winning the claw. I Also saw the people on the roller coasters that were on there screaming or putting their hands up. The people that were mostly likely screaming were probably kids, they have never been on a roller coaster before or the are scared of rollercoasters. I am fine with If someone is scared is roller coasters unless they are are the rid screaming when I am on it I get so annoyed. I also saw the water park when I was at the top of Raging Bull Then it disappeared because on the drop Raging Bull goes 97.4 mph . My Cheek flesh was shaking my hands were up and I was able to see half the park of course then it was over. I also saw all the haunted houses not just the outside but the insides too. Most of them were very scary some where like for 4 year olds.

I heard the people playing the games that you could never win at. it was the sound of losing a game and people getting upset. Another thing I heard was the roller coaster count down signal take five. The guy who did it on V2 would do it 2 seconds after he said “take five.” One person was putting his phone in his pocket. he almost dropped his phone so on the way up he put in there as fast as he could and zipped up his pocket. It was super funny me and alex laughed so much we almost ran out of air because all the air was coming out.

I felt like I was going to exploded by all the excitement. I was so excited that I went to six flags because I almost wanted to go to six flags when I Was four. I was more excited because I got to go on every single coaster in a day. Goliath was not there a the first time I went there. It was building. I was mad because goliath is the best rollercoaster ever and you have to wait long but if was open then we would have been on it in 15 minutes.

Now do you know why this is my most memorable day I think you should. Don’t you understand why this is my most memorable day in all of my life. I went home and could not go to sleep because it was so much fun I wanted to go back so bad then my dad came in to say good night he came back in 30 minutes later to see if I was asleep I faked it he actually fell for it eventually I went to sleep after like another hour. The next morning I woke up at noon.