2nd Grade Buddy Group

Session 1 Spring 2016

Dear Parents,

Today we met for our first session of Spring buddy group. For the next 4-5 weeks we will be reading the book entitled, Hunter and his Amazing Remote Control by Lori Copeland, PhD. This is a cognitive behavioral approach to teaching self-control to children. Using the buttons on their "amazing" remote controls, children learn how to improve self monitoring, impulse control and self confidence.

The remote control buttons include:

Channel Changer - filtering out distractions

Pause - stop, think, relax and create a plan

Fast forward - Thinking before acting or speaking

Slow Motion - problem solving

Zapper - recognize and reject negative thinking

Way to Go - using positive self talk

They boys were very enthusiastic about the story and seemed to grasp the concepts very quickly.

As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions.

Have a nice evening.