With the arrival of the new year brings a lot of great opportunities, excitement, and correction. For whatever reason people believe the New Year is the start of something fresh and sure, we'll play with it and orient our youth group that way too.

Hopefully one thing you've picked up while being a leader here at CBC is that we always want to look back for two reasons: to learn and to be grateful. We also look forward for two reasons: to move forward faithfully in our own faith and practice and to make disciples who make disciples.

I'm praying that this guide will reorient your own heart back on to the gospel as well as provide some clarity on your ministry to the youth.


This is going to comprise of two things - knowing who you are and what you're doing and then you'll need to know who you're counseling.

  • YOU ARE A LEADER: Your role is to lead the student by way of coaching, teaching, and modeling. Whether you're a counselor, worship team, or program team a youth leader leads students. It's in the title of "leader." Coach them - not just in small groups and formal settings, but especially in the "off" times...when you're walking here and there, when you're at meals, or when you're serving.

  • LEAD THEM TO JESUS: Our ultimate goal and aim in this youth ministry is that we would equip our students to be and make disciples of Jesus. So while you're leading them, you're not leading them to yourself, you're leading them to Jesus. So please please please make every effort to disciple them towards Jesus. And of course, conduct yourself as a disciple of Jesus yourself. Our students will pick up if whether you actually love Jesus or not. They will know whether you're there just for fun or this whole spiritual thing is legit by they way you conduct yourself. Is Jesus just a by-product of retreat for you? Is confession and repentance just something you teach and not something you live by? When it's time for you to submit to authority, do you? Or do you just claim to be in authority and never under authority?

  • Know the youth. For some of you this is going to take some work. We've written up a manual to dissects what is a youth today and who are our youth right now? You'd be wise to read through this. Here's a link: MINISTRY MANUAL. Also, please please please be sure to love YOUR small group first and then ALL of the youth. It is easy to gravitate towards some and neglect others but retreat is def. where we as leaders can KILL the culture of exclusivity and cliques.


Southern Baptists, Culture, & Youth Ministry: An Interview with Russell Moore

Maina Mwaura sat down for a conversation with President of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission Dr. Russell Moore to discuss cultural influences that are impacting families, teens, and youth ministry today.

LINK: Southern Baptists, Culture, & Youth Ministry: An Interview with Russell Moore


There are a total of 6 small groups. The first night and last morning small groups will NOT have structured content that go with it (which means there's no video nor discussion guides for them).

FIRST NIGHT: During the worship set, what we will do is give the students and leaders their first taste of retreat. After the music set we're going to give everyone a solid 20 minutes to pray, journal, write down expectations, sins, hopes, highs/lows of 2017, and goals for 2018. I know 20 minutes is a long time but we want the students (and maybe leaders) to struggle through the silence and fight to get their minds ready. So your first small group will be to get-to-know but also debrief a little about what they wrote down.

Starting Friday we'll go through four sessions Francis Chan unpacks what Scripture says about eternity, debunking misconceptions about heaven and hell. He will inspire students to lay aside what is fleeting and passionately pursue God and His mission in light of eternity.

LEADERS: Log in to your CBC Account at Right Now Media and access the Eternity Series by Francis Chan or I believe you can find it on youtube. The following links include: Full leaders guide and all 4 youth handouts.

LAST MORNING (SUN): It is your last time together and while you may be tempted to go through the classic retreat farewells, push them towards their community at CBC when they get back. What are some practical next steps for them in their DGs? What are some things they need to commit to back with their families? How can they serve the church and their schools? Then remind them about your path as a leader and why you do what you do. What is your story and why do you serve the youth?

TOTAL = 72 (18 MS; 31 HS; 23 Leaders)


  1. Jessica Leung (Alexis Chan, Caroline Liu, Joy Wang)
  2. Elaine Dao* (Eve Wang, Sarah Peters, Elizabeth Lee)
  3. Anna Lee* (Kirsten Leo, Sam Ng, Kitty Tat)
  4. Liz Yee*/Rachel Shen (Tiani CT, Kristen Lee, Nicole Choi, Charlize Cheung)
  5. Michelle Hsu (Allison Lew, Jamie Eng, Natalie Gee, Audrey Chan)
  6. Kristen T Lee (Rebecca Gaw, Hayley Joe, Alyssa Lew, Rachel Peters)
  7. Robert Liu*/Aaron Peters (Michael Chan, Jeremy Philips, Josh Yang, Nathan Wong)
  8. Josh Ling* (Aaron Chan, Christopher Lim, Edwin Choi)
  9. Jordan Moy* (Justin Lee, Jonathan Lim, Jerry Yuen)
  10. Chris Hsu* (Jason Lim, Jonathan Lee, Brandon Tiet)
  11. Andrew Yeang (Harrison Pao, Jonathan Gaw, Jack Golic)
  12. Matthan Moy* (Wesley Yuen, Carter Pao, Bryan Tiet)
  13. Philip Chen (Brent Leo, Jacob Moy, Tony Buie)
  14. Christian Lee (Dylan Yeang, Joshua Tolentino, Nathan Lee)
  15. Michael Ng (Andrew Lim, Avel Xu, Samuel Wen)
  16. Worship Team/Program Team (Including * Counselors): Jeremy Cheng, Joshua Lee, Chris Sok, Anton Hauglie, Kristen A. Lee, Justin Wong


  • Get to know their interests
  • Get to know their family
  • Get to know their struggles/doubts
  • Get to know their testimony
  • Get to know how they prefer to learn

NOTES: Counselors are responsible for all minor injuries and conflict (physical and emotional). If unresolved or anything major occurs, please note all details of the situation and find ANTON & KRISTEN A (as assistant directors) they will report to JUSTIN (as camp director).


Thursday Icebreaker: Group Hug Game: Emcee will call out random numbers and categories and people will need to group up as fast as possible.

Friday Icebreaker: Hungry Hungry Babies (Stage Game) - 4 teams of 2 compete, various grade level (one counselor group). The "parent" tries to feed the "baby" the entire bottle of baby food as fast as they can, racing the other teams. The "baby" cannot talk or leave their chair (butt on seat), the "parent" is blindfolded.

Saturday Icebreaker: Meme Game - Get into groups, create a caption for the image on the screen to "meme" it. Write the captions on paper, and submit to the judges up front. The winning memes will be created and shown in pre-worship slideshows.

Friday Group Activity: (In conjunction with Saturday's Game) Your team will be accumulating money in order to spend at the market on Saturday to prep for the final showdown:

  • Dude Perfect Challenge - Teams must successfully perform a series of trick shots.
  • Bob The Builder Challenge - Teams must use various building materials to create structures to certain standards
  • Man vs. Food Challenge - Teams must eat their way through a mystery bag full of food stuffs as fast as they can
  • Trivial Pursuit Challenge - Teams must put their heads together to answer a series of trivia questions correctly
  • P90X Challenge - Teams must complete a workout routine, performing a set number of reps of various exercises collectively

Saturday Group Activity: The Iron Cutthroat Chopped Challenge - Teams must use the ingredients/tools that they won in the previous day's challenge course to create a dish to serve to a panel of judges. The dishes will be graded on taste, presentation, and creativity. Throughout the preparation period, a series of challenges/tasks will be offered for a variety of rewards or punishments that will help your team, or hurt the others

Thursday Theme Night: "Slumber Party" - Movie night and dress in your favorite (appropriate) winter pajamas.

Friday Theme Night: "Campfire" - smores outside breakfast bar inside

Saturday Theme Night: Olympics games. Each class has been assigned a country and they will dress up in their country's colors. Counselors, dress up as some form of olympian


Pine Cove Outback: Pine Cove exists to be used by God to transform the lives of people for His purposes and His glory. It is only by God’s grace that He has chosen to use Pine Cove to change lives. And we at Pine Cove continually rely on God’s grace to use our ministry to change more lives… all for His glory!

Website: pinecove.com

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Directions: CBC -> Pine Cove = 77.3 miles (1hr 10min) via i10 west.


We exist to glorify God by making disciples of all people through Gospel truths and Gospel living. Our hope is to equip all youth to love God with all their heart, soul, and mind as well as loving their neighbor, community, and church.