Digital Footprint

Final Exam

What is a Digital Footprint and why is it important?

A digital footprint is something that keeps record of your life on social media. It is so important because your digital decides if you get a job or not and what you plan to do later in your future.

My digital footprint and my social media tools

My digital footprint consists of a bunch of social media tools such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and My Blogger. We would use these tools during class to help with our 20% projects and to help with our digital footprints. twitter to help promote things such as stuff that you can buy that i like or even blogger to share my experiences with people

Impact on me and my future

My digital footprint impacts my future by how i can get a job because they will be looking and my history with social media and what i have done. Some of the good things about my Digital footprint is that i have posted some good things like supporting our school events. and some bad things about it is that some of my younger years with social media i have posted some bad things and stuff jobs out there wouldn't look for

Improving My Digital footprint

What i think i can do to improve my digital footprint is to start posting better things like about my school and supporting it by posting on twitter about it. Also by using my blogger to share with people some of my life experiences.

Most important thing i have learned this semester.

The most important thing that i have learned this semester about improving my digital footprint was to use social media as something to help you later on in the future. Using twitter and Facebook can help you if you post good things about yourself and about the people around you. If you are looking for a job the person that is trying to hire you will be looking at your social media tools you use.