End of Year Band-Demic

Wrapping up 2019-2020

Closing out the year

Summer is here and we cannot believe it!

We are so thankful to each and every one of you for your efforts and dedication not only during eLearning but for the entire year! Thank you, parents, for supporting your students and us as we tackled this together!

Please see the farewell videos from your directors below.

Thank you,

Mr. Wood, Ms. Hoffman, Mr. Seymour, and Mr. Martinez

Thank you to Mr. Burris

If you would like to send a personal thank you message to Mr. Burris (who is now an official UNT graduate!) please click the link below. Be sure to congratulate him on his graduation and wish him luck as he looks for his first job as a band director!


Congratulations to our Band Award Recipients!

Staley Band All Stars

  • Olivia Lewis
  • Jacob Ryan

Mustang Awards

  • 6th Grade: Reiley Ruttkowski, Max Larkin, Blair Easton, Kyaan Ashqali, Nathan Hambright
  • 7th Grade: Kiana Babaei, Colin Bosman, Michael Smith 1, Lydie Bacchus, Luke Paton
  • 8th Grade: Natalia Hernandez, Nazareth Hill, Carter Crow

Message from your Staley Band Directors

Closing out 2019-2020
Farewell from Ms. Hoffman
Mr. Seymour says Farewell to 2019-2020
Farewell from Mr. Martinez