LV Technology

Kolin Franda

Typing web

-In typing web it helps you with your typing cause i really increased in my typing speed and my accuracy.

-In typing it gives you courses that you have to complete to move on to the next course

-there is a lot of classes in typing web

I Trailer

-In I Trailer you make trailer's about something you like

- In Technology we made I Trailer's about us and our family

Career Locker

-In Career Locker you find what you would maybe want to do for a job.

-In Technology we found jobs that we liked or that we were interested in and we studied about them.

-Then we did a presentation on the job that we liked in front of the class.

Haiku Deck

-Haiku deck its just like Google docs but you get really cool backgrounds and it is on mobile devices.

-In Haiku Deck we made a presentation on our dream job.

-Then we shared the presentations to the class

Explain everything

-Explain everything allows you to speak and record the screen of your iPad and it is just like Google docs.

-in Technology we made Explain everything's and we had to solve and explain the math with the recorder

-We sent in our Explain everything's to the teacher

Hour Of Code

-Hour Of Code is a website with code and programming games to do stuff.

-Helps you on your typing.

-There are really fun games on Hour Of Code it is called Code Combat that one was my favorite.

Email Etiquette

-WE had to send a email to are teacher.

-She would tell us what we did wrong and...

-Then we would write a better email to her and she would grade it.