T & L Essentials

USD #232

September 29, 2014

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013

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Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Go to www.microsofthup.com

Step 2: Enter your work email address and program code.

Step 3: Buy the software and download Microsoft Professional Plus 2013.

Your program code for Unified School District 232: B3D165792F

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TweenTribune is a free online educational service offered by the Smithsonian for use by K-12 grade teachers and students.

  • Daily news sites for kids, tweens, and teens
  • Includes text, photos, graphics, and audio and/or video materials prepared by the Smithsonian and others about current events, history, art, culture, and science
  • Includes lessons, instructional and assessment tools, and opportunities for the registered users to communicate with other participants


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Introduction to Blackboard Training

Continue working on the Blackboard Learning Modules to receive professional development points towards relicensure. These points will be entered into My Learning Plan by the T & L Department. Faculty may work on the class outside of the staff meeting times. Once a staff member has completed the class, they are welcome to attend the monthly technology meetings to get more in depth help with Blackboard, however, attendance is not required.

Bundling Classes and Creating Organizations

Staff may request for an Organization to be created or for classes to be bundled using the following online form. Please allow one week for all requests to be completed.

Requests (Organizations or Class Bundles): http://tinyurl.com/pbbnx6u


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Google has a range of tools for teaching and learning. Using your district username and password, you now have access to a collection of cloud-based services from Google.

Step 1: Go to accounts.google.com

Step 2: Email: District email

Step 3: Password: District password

Step 4: Click "Sign In"


Teaching & Learning

USD #232

Jessica Dain, Ed.D

Director of Teaching and Learning

Christy James

Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning

Ceresa Schaffer

Secondary Curriculum Coordinator

Kristl Taylor

Elementary Curriculum Coordinator