Invisible People

By Taylor Mortimer

Causes of homelessness

There are many factors that can contribute to someone becoming homeless. There are common occurrences like someone having a mental disorder that have no one to take care of them and are left to live on their own. Another is someone who was dependent on someone else and then that person passes away, weather it be expected or not it puts them in a bad situation. In today's economy job loss is also a big reason for homelessness. Losing their job and not having the means to get a new one either from not having a lot of money to begin with or not meeting certain requirements for other jobs can cause homelessness. Anything ranging from hospital bills or unexpected disasters can easily cause dismay and force a person to use what money they have.

Examples of personal stories

When you stop to think and listen about someone who has become or is homeless you can hear their tragic story. No one should have to be living their lives like they are. There are soldiers returning from Iraq and being thrown into homelessness like Michael from the Invisible people website. There are even families that are forced to live this way like Lisa and Lexus who are both also on the Invisible people website. There are stories like these all around the globe and we could do so much more to help them.

What can be done?

The government could set up better shelters with less requirements on how long they can stay and how long in between they must wait to come back or switch shelters. They should also assist in getting the homeless working because they provide no support other than a shelter. The homeless themselves can go looking for work and make a steady pay. Anyone in the community also should do their part to help them out and offer them whatever we can spare. Even if we could not lend any money we could assist with encouragement and support. We should lend any helping hand that we are able to.