The Middle Colonies

Now with schools

Religion is Everywhere!

Here in the Middle Colonies, you can be whatever religion you want. We have all kinds of people, from Roman Catholic to Jewish. Don't worry about being excluded, the people here enjoy diversity. People who live here are the nicest people you'll meet, anywhere. Come here, and practice YOUR religion, today!


Don't worry about criminals, we have law and order! Our representative government will ensure to your safety, and punish all that defy our laws. Want to join the government? You must be an adult male landowner. If you want to feel a bit classy, you can move to New Jersey, now a royal colony.


Is your money pouch a little thin? Look no further, we have dozens of acres of land, for all your farming needs. You could grow wheat, rye, and barley on our wonderful land, or have your own cattle farm! Not into working hard? Buy a slave to do it for you! Pretty soon, you'll be rich in no time!