Alexis franco

What happens during sleep

During sleep it take about 90-100 minutes for a complete cycle. There are five stages, stages 1 and 2 is light sleep so a person sleeping in these stages can wake up easy. Stages 3 and 4 is a deep sleep so an average person won't be easily awaken. If you wake a person up in stages 3 and 4 will be groggy and confused for few minutes and be refreshed. The last stage is REM (rapid eye movement) occur in this stage, other physical changes take place- breathing rapid, heart beating fast, and your limb muscles don't move. This stage is when a person has the most vivid dreams.


Sleepwalking is rare to teens, it only happens to kids. Sleepwalking happens in stages 3 and 4 of the sleep cycle. Sleepwalkers tend to go back to bed and wake not remembering sleepwalking its not a serious problem. Sometimes sleepwalkers need help through obstacles so you should help them get back to their bed because they forget where their bed is so you should direct them to their bed gently. If you wake a sleepwalker it will startle them but it isn't harmful.

How much sleep do you really need?

Adults sleep hours is less than 7 hours. Today in our fast paced society, six or sven hours may sound good, but in reality it's a recipe for chronic sleep. If you sleep seven hours you wouldn't feel good, full energy, spend an extra hour or two to get full energy. Adults need seven and a half to nine hours kids need more hours of sleep. Older adults have a hard time sleeping at night, daytime naps will fill in that gap.