ECE 335 Week 2 Assignment Live Chat

Tips for Creating Your Lesson Plan

Do you have questions about the Week 2 Assignment?

If so, please come to our live chat session to have your questions answered. We will be discussing the requirements for the assignments, tips for successfully completing the assignment, and going over the grading rubric. Even if you don't think you have any questions, you are encouraged to attend as this assignment is a component of your final project that is due in Week 5 of the course.

ECE 335 Week 2 Assignment Live Chat

Tuesday, Aug. 11th, 5pm

This is an online event.

To access the "Live Chat" follow the steps below:

1. Go to

2. Select the “Enter as a Guest” option

3. Type your full name

4. Click “Enter Room

To access the conference line:

1. Call 1-866-410-1443

2. When prompted, enter the pass code: 4592612962

In order to be able to ask questions during the chat, you will need to login to the website AND call in on the phone.

5:00- 5:05- Overview of the Assignment

5:05- 5:10- Overview of Assignment Grading Rubric

5:10- 5:25 - Overview of Sample Lesson Plan Assignment

5:25- 5:30- Wrap-up

5:30 - 6:00- Questions

Times shown are Pacific Standard Time (PST).