Rhino Challenge News

May 6, 2016


Thank You, Chaperones

Thank you do the chaperones who helped with our field trip to the Aquarium! I know it was a little crazy when we first got there, but I appreciate your patience and help!

2016-2017 CHALLENGE

2016-2017 Units

In Challenge, we study 3 new units each year. The three units we’ll be learning about next year are Astronomy, Archaeology, and Architecture.

Summer Project

Your summer project is to get a composition notebook and decorate the cover like a collage. The cover should be decorated with pictures and words related to our 3 topics (the astronomy, archaeology, and architecture). The pictures and words can come from magazines, the internet, or they can be hand-drawn. In the middle of the cover, use white paper to write your name and grade level. Use contact paper or clear packing tape to cover and protect the pictures when you are finished gluing them on. Have your notebook ready on the first day of Challenge!

Challenge Supplies

All Challenge students are required to have a yellow folder with brads to be used as a take-home folder and a composition notebook (from the summer project) that will stay in class.

Additionally, I ask that students bring in supplies from the following list to stay in the Challenge room. Lists are based on next year's grade level.

1st Grade

  • 1 - box of Kleenex
  • 1 - glue bottle
  • 1 - box of skinny markers

2nd Grade

  • 1 - box of Kleenex
  • 12 - pencils
  • 1 - pack of notebook paper

3rd Grade

  • 1 - glue bottle
  • 1 - box of crayons
  • 1 - box of bold markers

4th Grade

  • 2 - glue sticks
  • 1 - glue bottle
  • 1 - scissors

5th Grade

  • 2 - glue sticks
  • 1 - scissors
  • 1 - box of color pencils

What if we're going to Griffin?

Students being re-zoned to Griffin will still be in Challenge there. I'll be passing along students information before school starts to Griffin's Challenge teacher, Nancy Hess. Griffin students will have different supplies, so you do NOT need to purchase the supplies from my list above or do the summer project.

Mrs. Hess' Challenge website is at http://mgechallenge.weebly.com/.


Challenge Release Days

There will be no Challenge on the following days due to STAAR.

  • Monday, May 9
  • Tuesday, May 10

I won't know about Wednesday, May 11 until next week, but will keep you updated via Twitter.

The last day of Challenge for this school year will be:

  • Kinder: May 16
  • 1st: May 23
  • 2nd: May 24
  • 3rd: May 25
  • 4th: May 20
  • 5th: May 26


Wish List

There are a few things we'll need to finish out the year, and I've updated the Challenge Wish List on SignUp Genius. Thank you to those who are able to help out!

The Unhappy Intellectually Gifted Child

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Ms. Jaclyn Clements

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