June Newsletter

Rolland-Warner 6/7 Campus

Stevens Scribbles

I hope this communication finds you in good health! I certainly understand these trying times and also the desire for a detailed road map for next year, however, with the executive orders in place and many of the unknowns of the virus many of our questions are yet unanswered so we are guided by the mission to do right by our students rather than a detailed road map.

With that said, I am proud of our staff and students for stepping out of their comfort zones and doing the best with our environment! Continue to engage in this process and with the staff as they truly want the best for you.

While we are not in the office, our secretaries are able to problem solve with you when you call the main number and certainly help address concerns. Please feel free to reach out with questions.

I continue to preach that living in the moment, positivity, and getting outside are extremely important for our students' well-being, so keep that in mind as we embark on this virtual learning experience as well!

As soon as we have more specifics for next year, a notification will come out with schedule pick-up and tour information, however, please see below for much anticipated information for the end of the year!

We are in this together and can support each other! #OtherPeopleMatter #lightningleaders


End of Year Wave Out/Retirement Celebration for Mrs. Lench, Mrs. Overland, & Mrs. Ward

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RW Item Pick-Up/Drop-Off

Please note that many classroom teachers have added items from the classroom to the bag with locker contents (such as math notebooks, PLTW items, pre-ordered Links shirts, gym locker contents, and/or art pieces), however, some items cannot be added to the bag and information can be found about outside stations below this image.
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Specific Item Pick-Up

Each of the below items will be available at Stations outside our Athletic Entrance during our Locker Clean-out times. To pick-up, please park in the Athletic or Office Lot and walk towards the Athletic Entrance to the appropriate station. Any item not picked up will be kept in the office (not including pies) and can be picked up by scheduling an appointment until June 18th or next school year. Locker contents for those already parked for other items will be available at the Athletic Entrance as well.

Achatz Pies - Washington DC Fundraiser ***

Achatz Pie Company has now reopened for business! We are aligning the delivery with 7th grade locker clean-out to make a one stop experience. Achatz Pies are FROZEN and require prompt pick-up during the 2:30 - 5 pm time frame on June 10. We do not have freezer room to store your pies as the food delivery for the district is run partially out of RW and the freezers are full.

Outdoor Education Shoes/Boots

If your child left their shoes or boots in Mrs. Burris' classroom.


The yearbooks have arrived, we currently have about 80 yearbooks left for sale ($44 cash or check made payable to Lapeer Community Schools) and almost 400 students who have not purchased a yearbook. You can also contact Mr. Lothrop at plothrop@lapeerschools.org if you need assistance.

Item Drop-Off

Each of the items below will have a Station to return the item to at Locker Clean-Out. To drop-off items, please park in the Athletic or Office Lot and walk towards the Athletic Entrance to the appropriate station. Any item that is checked out and not dropped off will incur a charge on the student's account.


If the student has completed the classwork, they must return the Chromebook during the Locker Clean-Out times OR on Monday, June 15th from 9-12:30 am.

Band Materials

Band materials or school instruments that you borrowed must be returned during this time. Please coordinate with Mrs. Fenner if other arrangements are made. Please label the band instrument by tying a tag on handle with student's name.


Any students that were participating in winter sports, and did not previously return, must turn in your laundered uniform..


Any textbooks (not workbooks), library books, or teacher books must be returned as well. Please label with a sticky note with the student's name on the front cover.

Band Trip to Mackinac

We are pleased, in collaboration with Brightspark Travel, to offer three options to parents. Please complete the below Google Form in order to chose an option. Should you have any questions please contact Mrs. Fenner at lfenner@lapeerschools.org.

RW Summer Reading Program 19/20

How it works: You choose 6 books to be mailed (FOR FREE) to your house for you to enjoy this summer. When we return to school, you will donate the books in your name to your ELA classroom so that your friends can have access to your awesome book choices next year! The best part is you do not have to do any extra work to receive this gift - just fill out this form and wait for the gift of your chosen books to arrive in the mail!

How to Search for Books: Links to the Scholastic website and May order form are below, and also on your ELA teacher’s Google Classroom page. You may browse the Scholastic order form provided for May, or click on the Scholastic link and search by grade level, author, genre, or title. As long as the book can be found on Scholastic, it’s yours for the summer!

Link to Scholastic Website:


Order form for May (PDF): https://cdn.coverstand.com/30039/652737/8dc0fed955e9a81320c1144b1678f3aad510ba65.3.pdf

How to Order: After you have chosen the books you want to order, complete the Google Form on your ELA teacher’s Google Classroom page, or click on the link here to complete the form: https://forms.gle/jvUAZ1GGXXVYeB189

You will be entering your mailing address information, along with the title and author of the books you wish to order. Please make sure you have all of this information ready to enter and that it is accurate so we can assure your chosen books make it to you! Please complete your order by June 5th!

Book Shopping Tips:

• Think about books you’ve read already that you enjoyed. Look for books by that author.

• Choosing a book you’ve read before is fine!

• Consider choosing a variety of books – if you get tired of reading one author/topic/genre, you will have something different to keep things interesting! OR you can choose a series of books you know you will enjoy! (If the Scholastic order form has more than 6 as a package deal, you may order this as long as the total does not exceed $65).

• Consider all kinds of books – cookbooks, informational books, travel guides, graphic novels, etc. There are many more kinds of books out there beyond novels.

For Questions: Email Ms. Heath at sheath@lapeerschools.org or call (810) 538.2334 ext.3325

Lapeer Choir Virtual

Another inspirational showing of how our teachers and students are coming together through the ongoing distance learning. Very proud of our choir!
Lapeer Choirs Virtual Choir


LCS has purchased a whiteboard and a marker for our 6th and 7th grade students to assist in online learning tasks. They are now available outside the office main entrance. These are one per student.

Distance Learning Student Recognition

We at RW recognize the perseverance and dedication many of our students are showing with our current distance learning process and want to recognize them! Teachers are nominating students weekly for the remainder of the year and we will recognize them on Facebook and send them a special envelope in snail mail! Continue to excel students in preparation for next year!

Here are the past week's chosen students:

Week of May 11:

6th - Addison Fidler, Ryanna Wilson, Allison Rutledge, Drayden Little

7th - Sebastian Kelly, Julita Dowdy, Layla Garcia, Lillie Behler

Week of May 18:

6th - Gryphon Kropp, Gavin Hibbler, Erin King, Carter Miller

7th - Logan House, Aiden Farner, Bela Kamicka, Andrew Renshaw

Week of May 25:

6th - Alyssa Demski, Rileigh Nowak, Emma Champaine Smith, Ever Miller

7th - Julia von Knorring, Joshua Cipelewski, Josie Schwab, Shelby Cascioli

Distance Learning Teacher Recognition

Washington D.C. Message from Brightspark Travel

Dear Lapeer Parents,

In light of the COVID-19 situation that we are facing, the June installment for the Washington D.C. trip has been moved to August 1st. This change will be reflected on your account within 2 business days. Please feel free to reach out to our customer service team should you have any questions.

Your Brightspark Team

RW Supporting Emotional Needs

We understand not all students have adjusted well to the closure of schools, and maybe more importantly the social changes as well. We would like to offer support through the following channels.


Students A-K

Mrs. Cheryl Price; cprice@lapeerschools.org; (Ext. 3307)

Students L-Z

Mrs. Michele Tibbitt; mtibbitt@lapeerschools.org (Ext. 3308)

Google Classroom Code: n6f3ucn

Social Work:

Mrs. Sarah Prendergast; sprendergast@lapeerschools.org (Ext. 4336)

Support During the Closure

All Lapeer Community Schools employees are continuing to work during the shutdown. This includes administrators, teachers, support staff, and paraprofessionals. The first place to go for any questions about specific classes would be your student’s teacher. As a general rule, teacher email addresses are their first initial + last name @ lapeerschools.org (example Wyatt Stevens is wstevens@lapeerschools.org)

Please know, as we continue to work to meet the educational needs of our students, additional information will be provided through school messenger, RW Facebook and webpage as well as emailed directly to your student’s school email account.

For additional support with any questions you may have, please contact the main office number at (810) 538-2334 for more assistance. We will be working from the school on a limited basis and will also be checking voice mails from home.

District Covid-19 Resources

The latest information and resources about COVID-19 and how it impacts the school district can be found on the district website.

RW Distance Learning Artist of the Week

Each week will select an RW Distance Learning Artist of the Week for the remainder of the year and feature them on our Facebook Page.

This first three weeks featured Lillian from 6th grade, Corinne from 6th grade, and Kaylee from 6th grade! Awesome projects kiddos and thank you to Ms. Reinert for inspiring our budding artists during our time apart!


Search Rolland-Warner to see all our artists!

RW Fall Sports Update

Preparticipation Physical Examinations (Regulation I, Section 3 and Interpretation 20):

For the 2020-21 school year the MHSAA pre-participation sports physical requirement will be waived for students in any grade who received a valid physical for sports during the 2019-20 school year (one completed on or after April 15, 2019). These students and their parents/guardians will be required to complete the two-page MHSAA ANNUAL SPORTS HEALTH QUESTIONNAIRE found on MHSAA.com (and following this page). These must be signed by student and parent/guardian and kept on file in the school. Students who did not receive a sports physical in the 2019-20 school year or later must have a valid physical examination form on file. If a student is discovered to have participated without a valid physical or Health Questionnaire on file, the student shall not be eligible to participate until a valid physical or Health Questionnaire is on file. The penalties of Regulation V, Section 4 (forfeiture) will not be applied in this situation for contests played prior to the discovery during the 2020-21 school year. Note: A valid physical and Health Questionnaire shall also include the elements of Regulation I, Section 3-A (information otherwise protected by FERPA and HIPAA, parent/student consent and assumption or risk and concussion awareness).

2020-2021 Student Enrollment/Kindergarten Enrollment/In-District School of Choice

All these materials are found online at the LCS Website.

Rolland-Warner Contact Information

Rolland-Warner 6/7 Campus services over 700 sixth and seventh grade students with a year-round program and traditional program. Students have the option of Project Lead The Way (PLTW), which adds an extra hour to their day, and many other programming options and extracurriculars such as clubs and sports.