Android Apps

Apps for K-12

DroidDIa Prime

This app allows students to make different charts, diagrams and mind-maps. It is customizable and allows the student to add labels, make their diagrams to scale, add images, etc.

In a classroom, this can be used for almost every subject. It would be mostly useful for Math class, allowing the students to graph different sets of data. For example, students could graph the data for the favourite flower of each student. For older grades it can be used for more complex data.


Duolingo is an app to help learn the basics of language. You can choose from Spanish, French, Italian, German, English, and Portuguese. It teaches the basics of the language, and keeps the students engaged. It makes sure that the students are continuously practising and are able to set personal goals for themselves.

This app would work for any student who has a desire to learn language, or needs a review. It can be used in language classes, or it can even be used if their is a foreign student in the class. The app will give students some form of communication to make the new student feel welcome. now has a free app that is available anytime, anywhere. You do not need an internet connection and have the added features of a thesaurus, audio pronunciations, search history, slang terms, acronyms, etc.

This can be used at any time in a classroom setting. The students can look up words they do not know, and keep track. Teachers can request students to use the dictionary throughout the day, or to keep lists of words they do not know. The app can be used when doing any assignment.

myHomework Student Planner

myHomework is an app that helps students keep track of their academic lives. It gives them the option to add schedules, homework, planners, and calendars. It is an easy way to keep track of everything they need to do.

This app can be required by teachers to use so students are able to keep their academics organized and in one place.

Papyrus Natural Notetaking

Papyrus is an app that allows students to take handwritten notes on their phone. It responds to fingers, stylus' etc. You are able to import images, write on pdfs, and turn your phone into a virtual whiteboard.

This app can be used at anytime during the school day if the student decides they learn better using technology.

Google Keep notes and lists

Google Keep is an app that allows students to set reminders, add notes, lists, photos, voice memos, etc. It is a good organizing tool as it lets students colour code their notes, and keep everything in one place.

This app can also be used freely, as it is up to students to decide what they find important.

English Grammar Test

This app has over 15,000 quizzes helping students better understand grammar and the English language. This app can help a student brush up on their knowledge, or help them learn it in the first place. Grammar is needed for every subject, so it could also be used at any point the teacher feels necessary. Of course it would be most helpful for an English class, but can be adapted.