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October 28, 2019

Keeping you Informed

We are closing out October and are in the midst of the longest run of the school year without any break. The one problem with starting school in August is it makes this run one week longer. It is easy during these long runs to focus on the negative actions of students but I challenge you this week and coming weeks to change your mindset and make sure to focus on the positive things that students are doing in your classes. I believe life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% of how we react which is our attitude and in our control. Be positive with each other and the students and see if your week changes for the better. 10 days until we have our first holiday! Stay strong my friends!

Attached is an article- You might be the best part of THAT students day.

Red Ribbon Week- This week is Red Ribbon Week. Dress up days can be found here

6th Grade Unity Day- On Friday the 6th Graders will be doing their Unity Day. Check Dion's email from last week for more information. If you have never seen this in action take a minute on your prep to go check it out.

Site Visit- Our Visit was moved to Thursday. Dr. Adamson, Director of Assesment and Accountability, will be on campus from 9:15 am to 110:45am. We will be stopping by classrooms during this time.

Halloween Dress Up

Students have been reminded about wearing school-appropriate costumes and what that means. School dress code will be enforced and all costumes should be worn in good taste.

Students are allowed to wear or have...

  • Masks & Props - only to be worn for the Dress-up Contest at lunch

  • Appropriate costumes that will not offend

  • Makeup

Students are NOT allowed to wear or have….

  • Weapons of any kind

Birthdays- We have 3 this week! Thursday is Evelyn Riyhani, Friday is Amanda Wernli, and Saturday is David Watts.

The Den- A one-stop-shop for YLMS resources for staff.

Wednesday PLC- Vertical Meetings



October 28- Red Ribbon Week

October 31- Halloween

November 1- 6th Unity Day

November 1- Minimum Day release at 1:10 pm

Have a Great Week!

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