Welcome Back and Happy 2016

back to school

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year and welcome back!!! May 2016 bring all of you many good times in the company of friends and family. We hope you had a restful and fun holiday and have energized yourself to start off a great new year. We are excited to have your children back in class again and we hope they are also ready to engage in lots of fun and engaging activities. Settling back into the routines is not easy for any of us so we must be patient, persistent and flexible as things run smoothly back to where we left off in December. Getting familiar again to our classroom rules and routines has been the focus for these past three days. I am sure next week things will feel much easier as we get ready to embrace our new Rock unit. I would love to have your support in helping your child collect some stones or pebbles to bring to our classroom next week as we will be building a rock collection.

These few months go by so quickly, so I want to take advantage and make the most out of it and make sure your child enjoys and learns to the fullest. I am sure you were all sad to see your Pre Kindergarteners going back to school, but I was overjoyed to see them.

Thanks in advance for your collaboration and have a great weekend.

ABC Review

Phonics Song 2


We are running out of wipes in pk4.1 please send a package of baby wipes.

Please send in two rocks about the size of your child's hand

New home, New telephone number...!!! don't forget to update your contact information.

It is really sunny outside especially during our P.E and playground time. Please take precaution by putting sunblock to your child.

Understand the Basic School Rules