Dangers of non-stick cookware

What is Teflon Fever?

In the factories of Dordrecht is used Teflon powder.

If this powder, even if only a little bit, coming to your fingers and you will then get a cigarette rolling Teflon Vibrations.

The Teflon powder will decompose by the heat of the cigarette and arise very toxic fumes. Doctors tell this way for cellulite treatment

During a quarter does one vibrating, shaking and shivering through the whole body.

The non-stick pans date from the time we thought that fats are only fattened. Today we are happy to know better.

Healthy fats are a must for our health and a must for a slim body. We need as proteins. Even 2 times more healthy fats

A serving of healthy oil or grease in the pan, you will do well and non-stick pans should be avoided like the plague. They are extremely toxic.

Because the application of a non-stick coating is a highly complex chemical process. A layer that does not stick, attach to a pan is in fact not so logical. The production is scary polluting.

Manufacturer DuPont has already agreed to pay 60,000 inhabitants of West Virginia and Ohio for the pollution of water with PFOA, a chemical used in the production of Teflon. $ 345 million compensation