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31st May, 2021

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Dear Students,

This month we deepened our knowledge on the Child Protection topic during Advisory and we culminated this month of activities with a Child Protection Assembly. Exploring "Child Protection" topics can never get stale; we can never talk too much about it. Child Protection can cover a wide range of topics such as Child Abuse, Affluent Neglect, Bullying, Racial Discrimination, Corporal Punishment, Child Marriages, Child Soldier Recruitment, War Crimes and the list goes on.

Between 60 and 70 children have been killed in the Israel-Palestine conflict over the past few weeks causing us to take a closer look at the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child during Advisory.

When children and young people are not protected, negative consequences can arise such as depression, developmental delays, as well as the risk of developing mental instability, social-emotional issues, substance abuse and other dysfunctional habits and behavior during adulthood.

Being able to equip ourselves with such knowledge gives us power to advocate for ourselves as well as for others. Awareness of the child protection issues around us gives us confidence when we have to report a child protection concern as well the "know-how" of where and how to report it.

Please enjoy this last Newsletter edition for this academic year 2020-2021 and enjoy the "THANK YOU" video message below as well as our last Advisory Assembly.

Tessa John-Guerra

US Guidance Counselor

Last Advisory Assembly for Academic Year 2020/2021

Click on the button above or video below to see the presentations of a few of our Advisees. Students were able to share on a variety of Child Protection topics that they were able to research during their advisory sessions. Enjoy their presentations!

Last Child Protection Advisory Assembly

What Our Advisory Assembly Participants Are Saying!

Jingyao & Maren share their experiences!

"Researching about child protection was very interesting and it allowed me to learn a lot about this pressing issue. Also, presenting at the assembly was a great experience for me, I am glad I could raise awareness about this with Maren." Jingyao Wang

"Learning about and giving a presentation on child protection was a very enriching experience that is especially relevant today in the age of the Internet." - Maren Meinhold


“Researching child grooming has been eye opening on a topic that is not talked about frequently. Presenting it to my peers was a good experience.” - Jordan Smith

Group work presented by Jordan Smith, Carolina Naranjo, Madison Berry, Esperanza Fernandez & Tyler Wallace


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Watch this video for tips to remember what you read!

Click on this button above or on the video below to check it out!!!

Remember What You Read - How To Memorize What You Read!

Do you remember what you read?

We have all read a page and then 5 minutes later don't remember what we just read. There is a simple process that you can follow to remember what you read. To remember what you read:

  • 1. Don't try to memorize as you read but instead highlight or underline the key words
  • 2. Use the Mind Palace technique
  • 3. Create pictures for all the words you have highlighted or underlines
  • 4. See these pictures in your mind palace
  • 5. Segment chapters by using rooms
  • 6. Create pictures for dates if it is a history book

The main thing in remembering what you read is not to try to memorize as you read but take notes and then later go back and use the mind palace technique to remember what you have read. This works for students wanting to improve their memory of what they have read.

Click Here to see the Mind Palace technique

Please click on the button above to see a video on the Mind Palace technique. Also known as Memory Palace technique.

Below is an example of how you can use the Mind Palace technique to learn foreign language vocabulary.

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The method of loci also known as the memory journey, memory palace, or mind palace technique, is a strategy of memory enhancement which uses visualizations of familiar spatial environments in order to enhance the recall of information.

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In the image above, fill in the circle where the numbers are with what you want to remember.

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Explore Different Careers In Mathematics

Click on this button above to see a blog article about it.

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In this edition we are looking at careers in Mathematics. Please take some time to watch the videos below.

Careers in Advanced Maths
12 Jobs For Math Majors


1. A Madman Dreams of Turing Machines by Janna Levin

The lives of Kurt Gödel (1906" 1978) and Alan Turing (1912" 1954) never crossed physically, but did intellectually.

Janna Levin also has another amazing book called "Black Hole Blues and Other Songs from Outer Space" that can be found in our Learning Commons.

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2. The Fifth Season by N. K. Jemisin

At the end of the world, a woman must hide her secret power and find her kidnapped daughter in this "intricate and extraordinary" Hugo Award winning novel of power, oppression, and revolution.

It is the first book in the critically acclaimed, three-time Hugo award-winning trilogy by NYT bestselling author N. K. Jemisin. You can find the whole Trilogy in our Learning Commons!

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Mr. Eric Foinquinos' Advisory Feedback by Tessa

As we come to the end of this last Newsletter for this academic year, listen below to a short clip about the beauty of Mathematics from the point of view of Janna Levin, the author of "A Madman Dreams of Turing Machines" and "Black Hole Blues and Other Songs from Outer Space".

On Being Studios

Janna Levin — The Beauty of Mathematics by On Being Studios

Click on the button above for info on BIKE WEEK (June 7-11th) which is Virtual Bike Week at ASM! There are a number of events throughout the week and we hope you can joins us for them! Happy cycling, scooting and walking! 💟🚲💟🚲💟🚲💟


Thank You for coming to the end of our Eighth Upper School Counseling & Advisory Newsletter.

Please send us your feedback and ideas here on topics to cover in future editions.

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