Monday Memo


Important Dates

  • Monday, 9/28: Senior meeting during 1A & 2A
  • Tuesday, 9/29: All In Learning Training Session #4 - during lunches
  • Wednesday, 9/30: Underclassmen Picture Makeup Day
  • Wednesday, 9/30: English/Foreign Language Half-day Collaboration (Byers, Read, Ruffin, Ross, W. Brooks, Peterson, Berger)

Also, check out the athletics calendar for a list of events & activities for this week.


  • GOFAR is now active in SLDS and item banks are available for all Math and ELA courses. Science and Social Studies items are only available for selected grades and courses. Please let us know if you are interested in GOFAR training for yourself or your course team.
  • When you are posting SMART board presentations to your classroom website, be sure to save them as a PDF first. Otherwise, students cannot open them at home unless they have the SMART board software installed on their home computers -- and they don't!
  • This weekend the following graphic made its way into my blog-o-sphere. I liked it because it broke away from the typical model of using only verbs to describe the 4 levels of Webb's DOK. Since it relates to our Rigor is NOT a Four-Letter Word reading- especially Chapter 2- I thought I'd share. I hope this is helpful!
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  • There will be a senior meeting during 1A and 2A lunches today (9/28). Please remind your classes about this.

Professional Learning

  • Session #4 of the ALL In Learning training will be held today in A-1.
  • The next lunch and learn topic will be on Google Apps! We will send out more details later this week.


  • Congratulations to Denise Wilbanks, the 2015-16 JCCHS Teacher of the Year!

Tech Memo

I know you are all excited about the launch of Google Apps in our system! Here is a quick tutorial we put together on how students can use Google Drawings to create digital posters.

How to Access:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your Google Apps login information (
  3. Click the red "NEW" button
  4. Mouse over the More fly-out menu
  5. Click Google Drawings
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What You Can Do:

All kinds of things! Play around with Google Drawings to see how you might use this with your students. In testing the tool, this is what I was able to do in less than 5 minutes.

If it is hard for you to see, click here to open the drawing in a new window.

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