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February 28th, 2019

What's Happening at Penngrove?

Garden, Nutrition, and Environmental Education

This week the third graders were the first to discover the Sticklets - a system of silicone connectors for building with sticks. Hut building is a game played by children everywhere. With experience and opportunities, math and science principles are discovered and internalized. The Kinders' seedlings are just beginning to peep out of the soil. Fifth graders make root divisions of day lily and weeded the upper breezeway, sixth graders have weeded and replanted the herb box, and fourth graders split the single worm bin into two bins. Bluebirds and tiny titmice are scouting our birdboxes for nests!

Honorary Service Awards

The PTA is accepting nominations for Honorary Service Awards for the 2018/2019 school year. Three awards will be presented to different individuals at Penngrove School during an assembly in April.

· The Honorary Service Award is given to recognize an individual or organization for outstanding service to children and youth in our community, going above and beyond what is asked of them.

· The Continuing Service Award is given to recognize an individual or organization for ongoing or long-time service to children and youth, providing support year after year.

· The Golden Oak Award is given to recognize, as the most prestigious of the Honorary Service Awards, an individual or organization that has made significant contributions to the welfare of children and youth in our school community.

If you would like to recommend someone who fits into one of the categories above, please use this form to submit your nomination(s) to the committee. Nominations are due by Friday, March 8th.

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Ice Cream Social - March 8th

Mark your calendars!

On Friday March 8th starting at 5:00pm, FOPPTA will host an Ice Cream Social in the Penngrove Multi!

Parent volunteers are needed. If you are available to help at this Family Fun Night, please sign up here.

Spring Art

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Spring is coming so students in Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grades are already doing their Spring art projects! Come down and check out the display in the office hallway. Also in the hallway, don’t miss the Chinese New Year lanterns and drums. Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Penngrove Talent Show sponsors needed!

We have a record number of participants in the show this year plus increased seating capacity. Reach every audience member in their seat by purchasing an ad in the Show Program!

This is a great opportunity to show support of our students while promoting your business!

We have space for only 20 ads, available on a first come, first served basis.

Black and white, business card sized ads are $100/each.

Deadline is March 15th or when we reach 20 ads, whichever comes first!

Please use this form to sign up to be a sponsor.

Lifeskill Winners Wednesday, February 20th

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Frustrated by the parking lot?!

Does afternoon pickup seem unnecessarily stressful?

Join the parking lot squad!

Each day, Tina is out there fighting the good fight and we want to help! We want to create a better pickup experience for Penngrove parents by directing traffic, helping drivers get in and out of parking spaces, & keep the flow of cars moving through the lot so that no one gets stuck on Adobe trying to turn in!

Have a few extra minutes to help out?

Please use this Google doc sign-up sheet and slide your name into one of the slots! Awesome perks include thank you's from destressed Penngrove parents and sweet reflective vests.

Not able to commit just yet? Keep these friendly rules in mind during dropoff and pick hours:

  • If parking spots are available- PLEASE USE THEM! Especially if your child tends to take a while to get down to the lot. We promise our team will help you get in and out!
  • No upper grade parents should be in the lot before 2:55
  • ALWAYS turn right – it is unsafe to turn left out of the lot!
  • Do NOT walk across Adobe Road- there are 2 crosswalks- use them
  • PULL UP PULL UP PULL UP! Too often we see whole car lengths of empty space between cars. Pull up as far as safely possible. This applies to street parking as well.
  • When pulling into the lot- merge like a deck of cards. One car from this side, one car from the other. Be courteous to your fellow Panthers

Best Practice: Modeling Good Online Behavior

Our children watch us and copy what we do, even when we don’t realize it (and even when they’d rather they didn’t)! Here are a few things we can do to help raise kids who have a healthy relationship with the online world:

  • When you’re posting online, pretend your kids will be reading it.
  • Put down your phone while your kids are talking to you and during meals.
  • Avoid posting or sharing derogatory or controversial content, particularly comments about other parents.
  • Ask permission before posting photos that show your children.
  • Practice balance. Show your family what good time management looks like.
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SPRING BREAK Programs at Cotati-Rohnert Park Library

Pop-UP PLAY with Children’s Museum of Sonoma County (for all ages) Monday, March 18, 11:00-12:30pm. The Museum-on-the-Go will bring a variety of loose parts and materials to design, imagine, and create almost anything. From giant cardboard boxes and fabric to bottle caps and wood bits with glue, Pop-up PLAY is all about imagination and exploration. This is a family friendly event for all ages.

Learn How to do Magic Tricks! (ages 8-12) Wednesday, March 20, 4:00-5:00 pm. Calling all aspiring magicians! Prepare to impress your friends and family with your magic skills! In this workshop the magicians of Shuffle's Magic will teach you the skills to perform several tricks. All materials provided.

Silly Seuss Show (ages 4-12) Thursday, March 21, 10:30-11:30 am. Join award-winning entertainer Bri Crabtree on a silly Seuss adventure featuring juggling, magic, illusion, Dr. Seuss rhymes, and lots of laughs.

Zumba for Kids (ages 5-12) Friday, March 22, 4:00-5:00 pm. Drop-in and dance!

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