Google Robot Wars 2016

Come join us for the fun of robot wars!!

What is Robot Wars?

Robot Wars is the annual war of robotics. Every year, robotic engineers build robots, which will compete to win a trophy and be internationally recognized. A lot of people come to watch this event, and to get in, there is a fee. Of course, all of this money goes to a charity. This year all of the money will go to WWO, World Wide Orphanage foundation.


Adults (13+) - $12

Children- $8

VIP (No specific age) - $25

Where is this event?

The Pauly Pavilion Center in Los Angeles, California

Robot Wars 2016

Wednesday, Jan. 27th, 1-4pm

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Los Angeles, CA

Google Robot Wars 2016 Website

What Can You Do At Robot Wars?

You can buy concessions, gear for your team, and apparel for our charity. You will be able to see robots fight to the death!