Air Pollution

Taitlyn Canova

Air Pollution, Health, and Prevention

Nitrogen oxides and parts of other pollutants can cause lung and heart disease, premature death, and asthma. Air pollution can also cause carbon monoxide poising and mold. Breathing in mold or poising can cause more health problems. To reduced air pollution minimize the amount you are using your car, truck, riding bus, and others vehicles producing harmful gases. Instead walk to where your going if it is in reasonable length or you could ride your bike. If you are going a really long distance you could try to carpool with people who are going to the same place. There is no way for you to recycle/reuse air.

"Traffic contributes to air pollution…Various studies link air pollution to several health problems," Chief Paje

China and Air Pollution

With China involving so fast the air pollution is going up faster, too. All the gas that China use to power factories, cars, and more can been seen. The gas is called smog. The smog can be harmful just like any other gas and it can cause any of the health problems that are named up above.


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