Support Your Country Join the Army

Josh Seech

To the People

To the great citizens of Britain, you are needed. To increase to wealth of this great nation we have great difficulties at the moment. In trying to annex Thailand we have encountered problems with the Greedy French. Another problem are the rulers of Thailand, King Mongkut and King Chulalongkorn, they have met with great resistance. So we have need for you to join the military to defeat them.

I know this will help out great nation for many reasons. Firstly we will be able to produce more products for you to buy with their resources. We will be able to extend our ideals even farther. We can also create more factories to help this nation's wealth. Finally we will increase the idea that we are superior.

We have also heard that some of the territories are going to fight against us. Those territories are Burma and Singapore. With their power they may be able to give Thailand to have the power to destroy all of our economic superiority. Your relatives death may be in vain without your help.

The reason why we are so invested in these countries is to improve our economy. We will be using imperialism which is like Social Darwinism in the fact that we are superior and will have representatives in the government. In truth our main goal is to increase our economy.