Wilson's Creek Band Notes

Jan 10, 2022

Message from Mr. ZInecker

Dear Parents, Students, and Families,

We've made it to the half-way point and are looking forward to a busy second half. The five note concert was a big success and progress is really obvious. The Spring Concert date will be changing so stay tuned in for a new date. There are two big additions to the band students' learning model this semester. See the sections below for more information on weekly practice logs and Band KARATE!

Seventh grade scheduling will be happening soon and I hope that your student will be signing up for the Cherokee Band! Mr. Thomas (Cherokee) and I teach the 250+ band students at CMS, grades 6-8. Seventh grade band at Cherokee focuses on continued individual growth and expanded performance and competitive opportunities for student musicians. Band does NOT conflict with other extra curricular activities such as sports and cheerleading. We have many band students involved in the many activities offered at Cherokee. Seventh grade band is divided into woodwinds and brass/percussion class so sign up for the appropriate section.

As always, thank you for supporting your student in their endeavors. If I can be of any help please contact me via email. Now, let's get practicing!


Mr. Zinecker

Weekly Practice Logs

1. Practice Logs (hard copy) are handed out each Monday and turned in the following Monday.
  • Extras are available outside the band room.
  • Late practice logs may be turned in on any day during that week
  • Students who cannot practice due to illness or family vacation should state this on a log.

2. Grades are based on practice sessions per week (not minutes). 5 pts total per log

  • Logs must be signed to receive full credit. -1pt for no signature
  • 4 or more sessions = 5pt
  • 3 sessions = 4pts
  • 2 sessions = 3pts
  • 1 session = 2pts
  • 0 sessions or not turned in = 1pt

There is a downloadable PDF of the Music Practice Log at the Bottom of this newsletter.


Band KARATE is a great way for students to learn at their own pace! Students pass off lines and skills to progress through nine different KARATE belts. Students are required to pass off at least 6 lines per quarter. With effort it is possible to achieve black belt be the end of the year! Students have a hard copy of the KARTE card in their band folder where progress is tracked. A leather cord with colored beads hangs on each case signifying which belts have been completed. Click on the link below to see the KARATE card.


Band REMIND Notifications

Please join the Band REMIND group so that you can recieve instant notifications about important dates and events such as concert report times! It's that simple and I promise to only send you important information on this!

  • Send a text to: 81010
  • Text this message: @wilsonsc

A Few Pictures From This Year

Mr. Zinecker's Contact Info

Feel free to contact me if you have questions or need assistance. Parents use email as a first choice, students use CANVAS.