The Meso Americas

The Mayan, Incan, and Aztec

The Mayan

  • Located on the Yucatan Peninsula
  • Represented by the Chicen Itza
  • City-States ruled by a King
  • Economy based on Agriculture and trade
  • Polytheistic
  • Built Pyramids for religious purposes

The Aztec

  • Located in Arid Valley, Central Mexico
  • Represented by Tenochtitlan
  • Ruled by an emperor
  • Economy based on Agriculture
  • Polytheistic religion based on warfare
  • Built pyramids for religious purposes

The Incan

  • Located in the Andes Mountains of South America
  • Represented by Machu Picchu
  • Ruled by and emperor
  • Economy based on high-altitude agriculture
  • Polytheistic religion

the differences in a nutshell


Mayan- Yucatan Peninsula

Aztec- Central Mexico

Inca- Andes Mountains

Time they began:

Mayan- 2600 B.C

Aztec- 1325 A.D

Inca- 12 A.D

How they fell:

Mayan- Greatly dissipated over time

Aztec- Spanish invaders

Inca-Civil war and then invasion by Spanish

the similarities in a nutshell

  • human sacrifices
  • building pyramids
  • using hieroglyphics
  • Meso American cultures