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Oceania, island group in the South Pacific Ocean, about 2/3 of the way from Hawaii to New Zealand. And consists of 332 islands and 100 are inhabited.


76.9 degrees and the temperatures are always high. There is a lot of rain!


Its tropical marine, only slight seasonal temperatures variation.

Physical Characteristics that are not common:

Cyclonic storms can occur from November to January and they have soil erosion.


English, Fijian, and Hindustani


Marriage, grooms father often selects the bride from a close family friends. Divorce and getting remarried is common.


You have to remove your shoes when entering a home. You should never decline gifts or food from a fijian. It is impolite to remain standing when you enter a house.
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Their motto is "Fear God and Honor the Monarch". Their coin has Queen Elizabeth ll, and their national anthem is based on a Fijian hymm.

Culture Landscape:

Chili peppers, unleavened bread, rice, veggies, and they boil a lot of their food.

Cultural Diffusion:

Christianity was brought to the island primarily by Methodist missionary.

Cultural Changes:

Colonizing Rotuma to the north, and Tonga and Samoa to the east. They have undergone at least 2 periods of fast culture changes and was due to the arrival of fresh waves of immigrates.


Christian, Hindu, and Muslim. Small groups of Sikhs and people with no religion. People with Christian religion is both animistic and polytheistic.

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