Middle School Friday Wrap Up

September 21, 2018

Back to School Fun Nights Continue

Philadelphia- Flyers Skate Zone 9/24/2018

Hershey- Hershey Arena-Skating 9/25/2018

Reading- Reading Public Museum 9/26/2018

Limerick- Limerick Bowl 9/26/2018

Suicide Prevention Info Sept 24-28

Next week we will provide information to students about suicide. An email was sent earlier today with this information as well as the slides to be posted in the ELA classes.

  1. Middle School ELA teachers will post the following statement in their class sessions: “September is Suicide Prevention Month. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)”
  2. The week of Sept 24 – 28, Middle School English teachers will post slides from #BeThe1To. On the first day of classes that week, teachers will read the following to their students:

This is National Suicide Prevention Month. At Agora, we want to focus on action through the #BeThe1To campaign. For the rest of the week, you will see a different slide each day about how you can Be The 1 To make a change. If you would like to learn more about the campaign, you can go to http://www.bethe1to.com . If you would like to talk to someone, please reach out to your School Counselor. This week, you can also “have lunch” with Mrs. Bregenser from 11:30 – 12:30PM in her BBC room https://sas.elluminate.com/m.jnlp?sid=559&password=M.7767B7204D3EC9F756EB225B8C1A41 . You can Be The One to make a change!

  1. During the week of Sept. 24 – 28, there will be a forum each day from 11:30 – 12:30 with Maegan Bregenser, Jen Barrios, and school counselors. During these times, students will be able to visit with our crisis staff to gather more information or just talk.
  2. The #BeThe1To campaign web address (http://www.bethe1to.com) will be added to our school website along with the information below. In addition, families will receive #BeThe1To materials from our parent engagement team.

Professional Development

Friday, September 28: AM 1/2 Day Student Schedule/ PM Staff Professional Development - Agenda will be coming out next week!

The class schedule can be found in the reference guide.

Operations Updates

  • Electives
    • Music, Art, and PE started this week. There are still a few issues we are working through but most should be resolved.
    • Foreign Language will be accessible to students on Monday 9/24.
    • Deadline to request a fall elective/language - Friday 9/28
    • Deadline to request dropping a fall elective/language for fall- Thursday 11/1

      *Learning Coaches should contact their school counselor to request dropping the course.

  • PLT
    • The Personal Learning course was added to student accounts this week for all gen ed and level 1-3 students.
    • Students will be added to your PLT classrooms next week so that they you may begin scheduling as needed for the week of October 1.
    • Please continue to use Homeroom to schedule PLT for your students during the week of September 24.
    • More info to come from Colleen.

  • Career Course
    • The Career Course was added to student accounts this week for all gen ed and level 1-3 students.
    • Guidance counselors will be using this course with students.
    • More to come from Guidance.

Leadership meeting in KOP Sept 26

Bridget and I will be out of our home offices on September 26 to attend a leadership meeting in King of Prussia. We will be available through email and Teams but please know we might not be able to respond immediately. Thank you for your patience!

Amazing CDT teamwork!

Reading- 1135 students completed the test (89.58%)

Math- 842 students completed (66.40%)

This is fabulous! Thank you for every ounce of your effort!

Have a great weekend!