Tip #21 - The New Drive

January 22, 2015 - BEST District

Google Drive 2.0

If you have seen the messages to "Take me to the new Drive", you have probably ignored them, and moved on to something more pressing right? Now is the time to stop and go over to the new Drive - you will be glad you did.

Some of the feature updates for the new Drive are:

  1. There is one button to create, upload, or add files.
  2. You can simply drag and drop files into folders.
  3. Double-click feature (one-click to select, a second click to open)

How to get there?

At the top of your Drive, click the blue button that says "Take me to the new Drive".
Big image

New Features of Drive

Drag and Drop

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Find a file or folder in your Drive. Left-click and hold (to select that file). Drag this file to a new location or folder, drop this file in. That's it!

Want More Information?

Check out gcflearnfree.org for some easy-to-follow tutorials.

Daniel Watson, eLearning Coach

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