By: Kesaria Chespringoza

Monarchy... A peasant's master!

Monarchy is a system of government where a single ruler uses supreme power based on heredity or divine right. It is one of the first forms of government that is still used today. Like all forms of government, monarchy has it's strong points and weak points.

Pros and Cons

Positives of Monarchy

  • Efficient rule making with no political fighting
  • Represents centuries of history and tradition
  • Always aware of who is going to be next in line for ruling
  • Loyalty holds the nation together and makes it more united

Negatives of Monarchy

  • The people have no say
  • The next generation isn't always suit for the job
  • If the ruler is really bad they have to deal with it because they rule until death
  • Monarchs get money from people who pay taxes


Monarch rulers go by the names:
  • king, queen, sultan, emperor, and amir.

Some famous monarchy rulers were:

  • Queen Elizabeth
  • King Juan Carlos I
  • Sultan Suleiman
  • Emperor Pope Pius VI
  • Amir Khusrow