The Spartan Standard

Creating Coherent Systems That Promote Learning for All

Something to Think About...

Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.--Antoine de Saint Exupery, from The Little Prince

Mary Rose's Schedule

Monday 4/7: PLC Collaboration

8:30 Counselors & H. Bender re: Master Schedule

1:40 PLC Meetings

3:30 A-Team

Tuesday 4/8:

12:50 Department Chair Mtg.

3:30 Dr.'s Appointment

Wednesday 4/9:

10:00 Summer School Mtg. @ HHS

2:50 FAC @ New Library

Thursday 4/10:

9:25 WASC Leaders Pullout

12:50 WASC Leaders Pullout

3:00 Classified Allocations Mtg. @ D.O.

7:00 Band Concert

Friday 4/11: Glow in the Dark Assembly

7:45 Calendar

11:30 Assembly @ Gym

2:00 Technology Showcase @ ORH

7:00 Staff vs. Students Basketball

Spartan Events

Check out the weekly calendar placed in your mailboxes or the school calendar through Outlook to watch. Students love seeing you at their events!

I hope to see you at the Staff vs. Student Basketball Challenge. It is my understanding that CVHS staff is undefeated. The students are hungry...

Kudos and Thanks

  • Congratulations to Coach Sue Kalaher! The Boys Volleyball Team placed Third in the Olympian Volleyball Tournament.

Our Newest Spartan: Baby Landon Aleman

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Congratulations to Devon Aleman for the birth of Baby Landon! Daddy, Mommy Melissa, and Baby are all doing well. Devon and Melissa are trying to catch up on much-needed sleep when they can.

Walkthrough Focus

As we walk through this week, we will be looking for the following:

  • Daily Learning Target and the agenda that supports its completion: How does your DLT transform as your lessons go through the Rigor-Relevance Framework? How does your agenda align to accomplishing your DLT? How does your instructional activity match the rigor of your DLT?
  • Students talking to each other using Academic Language: How do you create opportunities for students to work together to use academic language as they engage in higher level thinking or high cognitive tasks?
  • Common Core Transition: How do your lessons reflect the rigorous skills in the ELA anchor standards and/or the Mathematical practices?

WASC Update

During our last WASC meeting, Focus Groups met for the first time to look at their focus group criteria and determine, for each criterion, what evidence will need to be gathered to allow the groups to discuss and determine where we are in each criterion. Determining the evidence will allow for rich discussions that will, in turn, allow for a meaningful action plan that is aligned to our Student Learner Outcomes and critical areas of need. Today, PLC's will determine which evidence they will need to provide and gather for the different focus groups. The evidence will need to be turned in to Becky Bravo at the Categorical Office no later than Friday, April 11, at the end of the day.

PLC Collaboration

Structured Student Interaction: Please commence/continue/finish your debrief of the structured student interaction that you have observed. Please make sure the discussion and next steps are reflected in the minutes you will be turning in.

WASC: I will be E-mailing you the file that contains the evidence identified by members of the different focus groups that will need to be provided to them to be able to address each criteria for their particular focus area. Please look at the evidence list and, as a PLC, identify those that you will have to provide (these include, but are not limited to, data specific to your course CFA's, pacing guides, UBD plans, lesson plans, meeting minutes, and student work). Identify who has the evidence and where the evidence is. Please gather the evidence and turn in them in to Becky Bravo at the Categorical Office by this Friday, April 11. We will collate them and give them to the groups for the next WASC meeting. Please note that we will look at evidence as far back as six years ago.

Performance-Based Task: The window is now open to administer the Performance-Based task. Please let Alain Garnica-Mendoza know when you will administer your PBT. Let him know how many copies he will need to make for your PLC. Determine the support you will need. Please let Becky or me know if you will need a calibration pullout. We will need to coordinate dates to ensure that we will have enough subs.

CVHS Page on Canvas

A CVHS Canvas page has been created for all to access. I will invite all of you to link to the CVHS page. In the files section are resources for common core, WASC documents, and Professional Development Resources.

For the Common Good

  • TEHCNOLOGY UPGRADE: Have you backed up your files yet?
  • CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: Asbestos abatement has been done! Construction workers are preppping the classrooms for paint. Please let me know if they are noisy. I have an agreement with them that they will stop if you let me know about their noise.
  • MORE TECHNOLOGY UPDATE: As I have previously mentioned in my last bulletin (Spring Break Edition), we are undergoing a wiring upgrade. Now that school is back in session, the contractors will be working in classrooms right after the bell rings at 2:39 and through the evening hours. I have also been informed that Rooms 707, 708, 709, 710, and 711 needs to be rewired completely so teachers in those buildings will lose Internet access for 3 days. As soon as the date is set, I will inform these teachers, so they can plan around not using the Internet.

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