By: Sarah, Allison, Jon, Shelby

Impact of Geography

Mountains and plateaus on the west side enable people to live in east China with fertile soil.

Mountains and deserts isolate from the rest of Asia and natural security.

Traders travel over dangerous terrain.

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Specialized Workers

In ancient China they had traders and farmers.

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Record Keeping

They used characters to represent a syllable.

They were a unified country

There were thousands of characters to learn.

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Advanced Technology

They had compasses, printing, paper, and metal casting.

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Advanced Cities

The advanced cities in ancient China were: Anyang, Zhengzhou, Hao, Luoyang, Yangzhou, Panlocheng. One of the oldest and most important Shang city was Anyang, It was built mainly of wood and stood in a forest clearing.

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Complex Institutions (Government)

China was a monarchy. It was headed by an emperor and a royal family. Two examples of dynasties are the Shang Dynasty and the Zhou Dynasty. China's economy was based on agriculture.

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Complex Institutions (Religion)

The people of ancient China worshiped many different gods. They worshiped weather and sky gods. The Chinese mainly worshiped Shang T, who was the ruler of all gods.

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