I am the daughter of Oedipus who was one of our strongest king. When he died both my brothers both shared the throne. I would of been so much better then them as ruler of Thebes.


I'm Going To Bury Him! I Have To ! His My Brother !

Creon Post

Don't or you will face the consequences.


I Must Bury Him. My Brother Is My Blood. Whether He Was Right Or Wrong He Deserves To Be Buried. Idc If You Like It Or Not


Father That's her brother why can't you leave her alone and let her do what's right and bury him!


Idc About Any Consequences! I'm burying him!

Jhene Aiko- Promises

Swear that I can still feel you here
I just can't believe you're not here
I've been needing you
All I dream is you
Don't think I can make it
I don't think I can make it
But then I hear you say that
I bet not do nothing crazy

I Chose This Song Because She Is Talking About Her Brother Who Passed Away