Muhammad Ansari's Open House Smore

Earthquakes PBL

Our driving qustion is, how can we as structual engineers constrcut a two-story house that can withstand seismic activity. My design included a two-story house that had a half a straw as a chimney.

Atmosphere 30 Hands

Invention Convention

Enviormental Issue Solved

Our innovation solves the problem of pollution. It is also very easy beacuse the energy is being made by sources that are free, like the wind. This also solves a money problem. Our innovation easily minuses the amount of money used just to build it, beacsuse it is so small.

How Our Innovation Solves These Problems

It solves the innovation by helping with our pollution problem, without using the non-renewable source. Using non-renewable sources would help our problem with running out of energy but with a renewable source you have unlimited of the item. Our innovation will help the enviorment when it comes to the pollution beacause our innovation uses 3 remewable sources that don't cause pollution.