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Why Gay rights matter

Gay rights are a real issue because people are constantly being discriminated against. They aren't allowed to marry and in some places are even denied access to businesses. Not allowing gay marriage violates articles from the The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, such as articles six,seven, twelve, and sixteen. And it is just wrong to deny people the right too be happy with the person they have chosen to love. Gay rights matter because if we are all equal then we should all have equal rights. Almost all the states in the United States have legalized gay marriage, 37 states in the US to be exact. 34 states legalize civil union. A civil union is having all the rights and privileges of being married but not actually being married. This isn't right, people are being treated as subhumans for their sexuality. They are giving all the benefits of being married but not the tittle. The states are afraid to make everyone equal when that's what they always say we are. they are treated like subhumans because the government wants their love to be in secret, that's what the civil union is doing. People are also being denied access into businesses because of their sexuality. it is a law that a business can refuse service to anyone they want but it is mostly used to discriminate, and in today's age it is used mostly to discriminate people for their sexuality.

Actions You Can Take

There are organizations that Fight for gay rights. The most commonly known are the LBGTQ, they have protest and movements and celebrations of sexuality. The protest and movements are most commonly done when a big issue like discrimination for a persons sexuality on a big scale. The GLAD equal justice under law specializes in cases that include being discriminated for sexuality but aren't that commonly known and they are lawyers that take action in the court room. The family equality council helps couples who want to start a family with everything they will also with anything else a family will need help with, even other legal issues.

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