Cryptid Hunters

By Roland Smith

Presented By Shelbie Kelly


Do you like Bigfoot and the Kraken well imagine if finding them was your full time job well that's what Dr.Travis Wolfe does he is a Criptozoolagist, but when he's about to go to the Congo to try and find dinosaur eggs his sister and brother in law go missing it's up to him to take care of there kids Grace and Marty. He puts them in a boarding school in Switzerland for when he's in the Congo but on the way there Grace and Marty go on a wild goose chase after a tea cup poodle and a crazy chimp but when something happens they find them selfs falling out of a jet on a canaster. they suvive and still have contact with wolf and make it to shelter but there in the middle of the and if things aren't bad enough one of Wolfe's arch enemy's hench men is after them. If you want to find out if they get out of the jungle then read Cryptid Hunters.


If you've all ready read Cryptid Hunters and you liked it you might read some of Roland Smith's other books like Elephant Run the I.Q. series and dont forget about the sequel Tentacles and the third book Chupacabra. No matter what you read if it's by Roland Smith you'll want to keep reading page by page intell the end.

About The Author

Roland smith is a talented Author whose wrote many books like Tentacles and Chupacabra. Roland Smith is still alive today and is living in Portland, Oregon. He's wrote many books like Elephant Run and I.Q.. He loves what he does and is happy when he dose it.
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