OGE 3rd Grade News

September 26-30

Special Olympic T-Shirts

Please help support Mrs. Stiltner's class as the prepare to go to this year's Special Olympics. T-shirts are on sale September 19th - 30th! Costs are listed below:

YS - YXL : $8.00

AS - AXL : $10.00

AXXL - AXXL : $12.00

Plastic Tops

OGE needs your plastic bottle tops! Please help with a special art project for our school. Please send in any plastic tops (soda, water, milk, juice, detergent, etc.)

Book Fair

The Book Fair is September 26th - 30th. Please click the link below to view the Book Fair flyer.


Chick-fil-A Night

Our school Chick-fil-a Night will be on September 29th! When you arrive make sure to tell them you are with OGE. Please come out to support OGE on this fun night.

Habit of the Week

This week we will be focusing on Habit 3, Put First Things First.

Spelling Words - Three Letter Clusters

1. three

2. scrap

3. street

4. spring

5. thrill

6. scream

7. strange

8. throw

9. string

10. scrape

11. spray

12. threw

13. strong

14 scratch

Weekly Topics

Reading : We will be textual clues to figure out the meaning of unfamiliar words and making sense of figurative language.

Writing : Narrative Writing Unit - We will be editing and drafting.

Math : Unit 2 - Addition and Subtraction Algorithms (Estimated Test Date October 5th)

SS : Regions of SC

Science : States of Matter

**Quizzes will be given periodically.