Career Presentation

By: Juan Solorzano

My Future Plans

If I could choose my career I would choose a small business. The business I want to have is bing a boss of construction or bing a boss of indicating people where to go like Chief Sustainability Officer. I would like to have this jobs because its a Indoor and outdoor job and I would like to be in a job that you don't need more then 6 years of collage.

My Personality

I am a orange that means that I like to have fun, and excitement. The job that I have chose matches with my personality because I like to do same things every day.I also like working whit my hands.
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Career Choices

1) Athletics and sport competitors

2) First-line supervisors of helpers

3) Chefs and head cooks

4) Sales engineers

5) appraisers, Real estate

6) Sale representatives, whole sale and manufacturing

7) Purchasing manegers

8) Chief suitability officers

9) Construction manegers

10) Sale manegers

Why I chose This Career?

The career that I chose is Chief Sustainability Officers because its a indoor job. The 2nd reason I would like to have this job is because the salary is not low and because the job outlook is very likely in the future. The education needed is a bachelors degree or master degree usually needed. In this job all you have to do is communicate and coordinate with management, shareholders, consumers, and employees to address sustainability issues and enact a corporate suitability strategy.

Education Choices

1st Education Choice

  • Collin Country Community Collage District because its close to my house and I will just go to that collage for one year then I will go to a different one.

2nd Education Choice

  • When I am finished with my first year of education I will start my second collage in SMU because the annual cost is less then $2,000. The number of applicants is 8,270 and the percentage admitted is 50%
3rd Education Choice
  • I will finished my 2 years in Collage-Dallas because its located in Dallas. Second reason i will chose Collage-Dallas because the number of applicants is low 375 and the percent admitted is 62%.

Final Education Choice

I will pick Collin Country Community Collage District because Its a privet school at Plano TX. Second reason I will chose this school its because you won't pay allot of money a year. You just need to pay $25,148 for 2 years to study at Collin Country Community Collage District and then I will finish my other 2 years at SMU to get my bachelors degree.
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I like this career because I can afford all of the expensive things and things that I will enjoyed. I will be spending $74,698 salary that means I get to earn $98,622 for savings.