English II Syllabus

Mrs. Mary Katherine Stigall

Prepare for what I hope will be a life-changing year in your high school career!

I look forward to working with each student during, what is sure to be, an amazing school year!

Course Description

English II focuses on reading and writing by allowing students to connect, create, communicate, and collaborate effectively in society. Throughout the year, we will be writing, analyzing fiction/non-fiction/poetry, developing speaking and listening skills for effective communication, and preparing for state-wide assessments which include EOC Reading and Writing. Students will further enhance their critical thinking skills, their ability to work within a group and independently, and their confidence in their writing and reading abilities.

Course Expectations

Although I plan to use humor and a bit of "fun" in the classroom, students have a few responsibilities of their own. I expect that all students will come to class prepared with their notebook, paper, pens/pencils, and other supplies requested the class prior (could be highlighters, colored pencils, post-its, etc). Students should work hard, especially if they desire a good grade in the class. Grades aren't given; they are earned! Participation is a must, and is part of the students' overall grade. Students should not eat in our classroom. For a safe classroom environment to exist, name-calling and any other offensive actions will be strictly prohibited and will result in immediate disciplinary action.

Course Materials

Students should bring:

  • 1" binder
  • Pack of dividers
  • Pens/Pencils (blue or black)
  • Pack of highlighters in a variety of colors
  • college-ruled notebook paper
  • Black Sharpie
  • Independent Reading Book (when choices are assigned)

JAVA...It's what keeps us perking!

  • Just in case you forget...YOU are responsible for YOU!
  • Always respect others as well as yourself.
  • Very wise students come to class prepared.
  • Attitudes will determine your Altitude!

Manners Matter

Think about the common courtesies that make a society run smoothly. Being polite and using good manners trumps just about any other behavior. As for discipline, we will abide by the guidelines outlined in the student handbook and code of conduct. Cell phones should remain invisible and silent during the school day, unless otherwise noted. Students will keep a copy of rules, procedures, and consequences in their binder, along with a copy of the syllabus and course standards.

This is How We Roll!

1. Students must have a hall pass when leaving the classroom. They should also sign out when leaving class and sign in upon returning.

2. Students have 3 "ICE cubes" (in case of emergency) to be used every 41/2 weeks. These allow students to leave class without penalty. Once these ICE cubes are used, to leave class will result in a demerit. Medical emergencies are not included.

3. All work must be turned in to the assigned class basket. Make sure that your work is your own! Don't forget to SAND your work in the top right-hand corner: Subject, Assignment, Name, Date.

4. Please inform me of any issues early on; I'd love to help if possible, but communication is key!! You are always welcome to discuss any issues with me outside of class.

5. Remember...the bell doesn't dismiss class; the teacher does!! Remain in your seat until dismissed. No students should congregate at the door (pet peeve).